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Choosing the Right Colour Schemes for Modern Homes
October 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm 0

When the time comes to decorate, we all know the daunting feeling we get when we see that blank canvas. Deciding on the right colour scheme for your room can be as important as choosing the right furniture.

Colour stimulates the mind as well as our emotions. There is a wealth of information on the internet about the symbolism and history behind the use of certain colours. But we're going to keep things simple and guide you in the direction of interior colour schemes. Take a look at our guide to help make that perfect colour choice!


The Colour Wheel - Your best friend when it comes to selecting interior paints.


Cool Colours

Cool colours are on the right-hand side of our colour wheel. They are hues ranging from Green to Blue, through Blue-Violet. These colours are best used when you want to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Cool colours are typically used in the living rooms and bedrooms, as they promote a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.


Blue is a particular interior favourite for creating calmness, peace and tranquillity. It is a popular colour for many rooms due to the fact it can go with both traditional and modern styles.


The Grey Gloss Fern Console and White Trestle Desk work great against this dark blue wall to create a modern vintage vibe.


Vintage styles can be created using blue with white and floral prints. Choose a chalky looking colour with a richness. Vintage homes need to feel authentic, so the deeper the colour, the better


Try Oval Room Blue from Farrow and Ball for a rich shade to suit your vintage interior.


Contemporary styles can be created using a cooler tone of blue with mismatched metallics and gloss finishes. Or try creating a more colourful interior by pairing shades of blue work well with pastel colours. Think soft apple greens or bright yellows for a great combination creating a sunny Mediterranean style.


Denim Drift from Dulux is the perfect cool shade for modern interiors.


Green is the colour used to symbolize nature, balance, harmony and positivity. Pantone announced Greenery as its Colour of the Year 2017 due to its fresh, zesty feel. It creates a relaxing atmosphere when used in various tones.


Pantone, Greenery


Team with pastels and neutrals to create a contemporary look in a living room. Alternatively, for a country cottage look, work with shades of cream and neutrals for a look that's very easy on the eyes.


The Arc and Riva Set brings just the right amount of colour to your kitchen. Use a graphic rug for a modern look.


Adding black and white to green can create an Art Deco look or why not be bold and try a retro theme with lime green for something a little different.



Purple can be a tricky colour to introduce into our homes. Pale Lilac can feel very young and sweet, but too dark can feel a bit seedy. The key to getting this trend right is using purple sparingly and combining with other colours.

        When Pantone announced UltraViolet as 2018's Colour of the Year, we were all a little unsure what to think. However, after reviewing the colour combinations suggested by Pantone, we came round to using purple in our homes. Keep your walls neutral and play with purple in your furniture and soft furnishings.    

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool in Mulberry Purple

    The Anzio Barstool is just the right amount of attitude and colour for modern kitchens. Keep accessories metallic for a cool vibe and for a lighter feeling home.    

Warm Colours

Warm colours are on the left -hand side of our colour wheel. These are your reds, oranges, pinks and yellows.  They are lively, stimulating and domineer over cool colours. Warm colours should not be used as a base colour and are best used when highlighting statement pieces in your room.


Just like warning signs, red is a colour which grabs your attention. Making it ideal when used on a feature wall or creating a statement piece in a room. As red is a very dominating, powerful colour, it's best to use in the social rooms in your house, such as your kitchen or playroom.   

The Brick Red Finn Dining Chair is the perfect way to introduce red into your home without it feeling too overpowering.

  Avoid using red in your bedroom or living room, as it is a very visually stimulating colour and will not help with the relaxation. That said, when used in small doses, red can often be more effective, so great for those decorative accessories.


For a more subtle red, take a look at Picture Callery Red, from Farrow and Ball for a more traditional and softer look. Pair with off-white and dark woods to create an antique vibe.



Like the sunshine, yellow is bright and exudes excitement so ideal for a child's room or in an entrance hallway. It is also effective when used to highlight elements of your space.  

Finn Barstools in Mustard

  When choosing yellow furniture, be sure the rest of the decor is subtle, otherwise, you risk creating a very busy looking room. Navy and Yellow are a match made in heaven, so stick to dark blue walls and offset with a pop of mustard.


As a mixture of red and yellow, it shares both attributes of these colours. Although Orange is hot and fiery like Red, it is not as aggressive. Orange actually stimulates mental activity, so add a splash of orange in a study or children's playroom. It also works well in a kitchen as is associated with appetite and health foods.  

The Orange Zilo is just enough of a pop in this modern home office with the Black Cavour Desk



Pink has been having a moment recently. Be in Millenial pink or Plaster pinks, we see different shades popping up all over the interior circuit. Blush pink has been a favourite in our homes for a while now, especially when paired with copper and white.  

Blush Pink Plaza Velvet Stool

  Create a real statement by painting a pink ombre wall. This is a great interior paint effect for a little girls room or a home office. tone down pink by mixing with Grey and White for a more grown-up look.  

The White and Oak Aver Extending Dining Table works beautifully against a Pink Ombre Wall



Neutrals are great for creating a light and soft environment and giving the illusion of space. This scheme looks stylish, sophisticated and is great used as a blank canvas. You can then injected with colour, print and pattern for interest.  

Cleo and Santo Dining Set

  This is ideal as a base colour as allows you to update the room by just using bright accents and accessories. These tones are great when used with warm tones such as rich red, mushroom, and terracotta.  


Black is formal, elegant and prestigious. It makes other colours stand out so ideal for teaming up with warm shades. Too much black in a space can make the room feel smaller so stick to limiting the quantities by adding accents of other colours. Black is perfect for that formal dining area to add a touch of class and style.


Elise and Black Chrome Dining Chair

  Perhaps try black Leather Dining Chairs as they are great at hiding marks and bring drama to your home. Our black chrome is a great alternative to a classic chrome finish, so go to the dark side and play with these inky tones.    
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Glass Tables Are Great For The Illusion Of Space
September 21, 2018 at 10:29 am 0
We all want to make the most of our space. Whether that's creating sections in an open plan kitchen or maximising what little room there is available. This is where contemporary furniture comes into its own! Materials like glass and perspex create transparent pieces which create the illusion of space. In this post, we’ll give you a  rundown of what glass tables are great for when it comes to styling your home.  

Glass Dining Tables, Great For: Strength & Durability

We couldn’t write a post about glass dining tables without mentioning tempered glass. All of our glass products, from dining tables to sideboards and consoles, are made from tempered safety glass that's been tested and certified to British Standards. This means the material is strong, safe and durable. All of our glass tables have been designed with style, practicality and safety in mind, so you really needn’t worry about the glass being precarious or fragile in any way.  

Great For: Creating The Illusion Of Space

Being transparent, a glass table will give your room such a light and open feel, especially compared to a table of the same size but with a darker, opaque finish. For example, the Zen 6 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Table is a relatively large table but because of the slim glass top and gloss legs, the table has less of a visual impact and presence in the space.   If you don’t have the space or don’t need a larger table, opt for a round glass table. That way, you’ll have the space-saving qualities of a round table top with the added visual lightness from the glass. Styled with stackable chairs like the Riva, you can always add a couple more seats when needed and then stack and store the chairs when not in use.  

Great For: Adding Some Colour

Glass dining tables are really versatile items. The lack of colour actually means that they can be introduced into a whole variety of different schemes. Glass is a good opportunity to introduce a splash of colour to your space through your choice of dining chairs.   Whether you choose leather, plastic or fabric chairs, the tactile material and colour of the seat can be seen from all angles. This makes a glass table perfect for showcasing your dining chairs.  

Great For: Mixing and Matching

Having a glass table doesn’t always mean just a glass top. A table with glass legs means you can have the material or colour you’d like on the surface, but you get the space-saving a visual lightness from the glass legs. A table like the Aria has such a style impact and ‘wow factor’ thanks to the glass legs. It looks as though the top is floating in the air! If you'd like some more tips on buying your dream dining table, be sure to take a look at our Ultimate Dining Table Buying Guide.   

Show Us Your Style!

Already have a Danetti glass dining table in your home? Post a picture on social with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page.
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Top 5 Bar Stools under £100 for the Modern Home
September 7, 2018 at 9:24 am 0
Are you looking for a modern Bar Stool that has great value for money but also a fantastic style? This stylish selection of Bar Stools are all priced under £100.  

Oak Bar Stools

    The Oak Bar Stool is a contemporary and modern addition to your kitchen. The chunky Oak legs are shapely and curved creating extra interest to the simple Oak Bar Stool. The footrest is 200 mm from the ground, allowing your feet to rest comfortably, and meaning your stool fits perfectly under a kitchen island or breakfast bar.    

Elise Bar Stool

    The Elise Barstool is beautifully upholstered in luxurious but durable faux leather in either classic black or modern white.  The padded seat and backrest add extra comfort and practicality. The sleek frame is finished in shiny chrome at a fixed height of 670 mm. The polished chrome legs are tapered to add extra interest which creates a very elegant Bar Stool.    

Anzio Modern Bar Stool

    The funky Anzio Barstool stands out from the crowd. The stylish, comfortable padded seat is perfectly upholstered in highly durable, soft White Faux Leather. The sleek chrome legs are slim and slender creating an elegant look. The shiny chrome rear legs wrap around creating a funky, eye-catching footrest.  

The Anzio also comes in a trendy Gas Lift Barstool Option


Finn Bar Stool

    New to the family is the Finn Barstools. Made from moulded polypropylene and a beech wood leg, this modern barstool is perfect for daily family life. The circular footrest offers contrast to the angular legs. The plastic seat also means cleaning these barstools couldn't be easier!  Simply wipe with a damp, soapy cloth and dry with a clean microfibre.  

Teora Bar Stool

    The Teora Barstool is a modern addition to your kitchen. The comfortable seat is a well-proportioned wider seat and beautifully upholstered in hardwearing faux leather. This stylish Bar Stool is available in two high fashion colours: Putty Grey and Ruby Red.
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How to Become Your Own Interior Designer
July 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm 2
So you're finally in your new house, however, the dated decor leaves little to be desired. You're thinking to yourself "it's going to take a qualified interior designer to sort this place out".


There's no need to fork out for an interior designer when you could quite easily do it yourself! Plus, you'll have great fun along the way and learn a few new skills. Follow our ten steps and you'll be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.  

1. Focus on What You Like in Your Home

  The first thing to do is to focus on what you like to do in your home. Think about how it gets used, or how you would like to use it. Perhaps you'd like a cosy TV and games room for the kids or a quiet spot where you can sit and read. This may require a bit of re-configuring but that's why creating your dream home is all about.  

Luxe Chaise and Ripple Glass Coffee Table in Gold

  It's all these considerations can form a 'Wishlist'. Your wishlist will end up being very similar to a brief that you would give to an interior designer, so it's a good place to start even when you're doing it yourself.  

2. Don't be Afraid to Borrow Ideas

  Create a Pinterest board of looks you love and details you would like to incorporate. Don’t just take inspiration from the internet, though. Get out and about, visit art galleries, beautiful shops, friends homes and restaurants and take snaps of the areas which really catch your eye. Remembering these places and ideas can help you understand how form, texture, colour, scale, lighting and space can be combined to create something you like.    

3. Bring out the Best in What You Have

  Try to bring out the best in what you already have and work with it. What are its best features? Perhaps it’s a beautiful fireplace, an incredible view or a high ceiling? Accentuate these features with lighting and furniture arrangement to create a dramatic focal point. If you have a modern house, there's no point trying to make it ornate or trying to create a 'heritage' look. You have been blessed with a blank canvas to create the modern home you've always envisioned- be it glam, or minimal.  

Aria, Santo and Loop Bench Set, from Interhouse Design 


4. Get the Basics Right, and the Rest Will Fall into Place

  Although it's tempting to get carried away with thoughts of the fun stuff like wallpaper and soft furnishings, you really need to think carefully about the basics first. Create boards of flooring, tiles, wallpapers and paint samples to make sure you're happy with your chosen colours and finishes. Once you have the basics figured out, the little details will simply fall into place.  

Santo Dining Chairs and Canio Occasional Chair in White


5. Select Your Furniture Wisely

  Just because you like the look of a piece of furniture doesn't necessarily mean it will look good in your space. Make sure you always measure your room before investing in furniture. To really make sure there are no errors, draw out a plan of the room to scale on squared paper. Then you can draw in the furniture so you can see exactly how it will look. At Danetti we make this easier, by always providing full measurements for our products. It's also worthwhile measuring your doorways and stairwells - the last thing you want is for your furniture to arrive and then not to fit through the door!  

Dillon Sofa with Halo Walnut Coffee Table and Walnut Duo


6. Think About Your House as a Whole

  Too many people isolate one room, give it a certain vibe and colour scheme, and then chose something totally different in the room next door. Rooms shouldn't all be decorated the same, but it does help if there is some harmony. This is a particular skill of an interior designer, but it's a useful habit to get into.  

Finn Barstools

  You want your living spaces to be vibrant and energetic, such as kitchens and playrooms, but keeping your resting rooms more subdued, like your living room and bedroom. Stick to a harmonious colour palette and a similar style throughout. The best part of this is that your furniture should then be interchangeable between rooms. Meaning you can refresh your home whenever you see fit with things you already own.  

7. Don't Forget Lighting

  In most modern homes spotlights are the preferred option. They are great as they distribute light evenly across a room and don't get in the way. However, they can be quite harsh in the evenings and don't offer much character. If you have spotlights, think about adding a few tasteful lamps to your home. these will give out a softer light and promote a more relaxed home.  

Acute Console Table

  Where possible use your pendant lights to create a statement or a focal point. This could be a cluster of low hanging pendants over a dining table or a beaded chandelier in a grand entranceway. Lighting will create mood and give a space personality, so be sure to give it some consideration.  

8. Keep Your Budget in Mind at all Times

  You don't want to run out of money halfway through a renovation project, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Some things are worth investing in, such as flooring and your larger furniture like sofas and dining tables. Where trends change so frequently there is no point spending hundreds on your soft furnishings and decorative accessories. These smaller trend items are more cost effective so buy what you like, but don't spend the earth as you'll probabley be bored after a few years!  

Robin Sofa Range

  Remember when spending on any electrical appliances and gadgets that new technology soon becomes old technology, so it's probably not worth spending that much on the latest fad- do your research and invest in timeless items.  

9. Be Professional in Your Dealings with Tradesmen

  Before committing to a tradesman, be sure to have done your research, have a few recommendations and get a few different quotes. You should also ask for references and ask to see their previous projects. If they are good, then they shouldn't object. It's useful to put your objectives in writing, as this can be a useful document fall back on if things do not turn out as expected. Builders don't have the same artistic vision as interior designers, so be sure to keep a close eye and communicate every step of the way- too much communication will be better in the long run and save any unwanted surprises!  

Zen and Elise Dining Set


10. Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

  Sometimes your creativity may run dry, and that's ok! Being innovative and artistic all the time isn't easy. Look to those who inspire you and maybe ask for help or advise. Independent furniture retailers such (like us here at Danetti) are very familiar with the process of furnishing a home successfully. We would be more than happy to help you find the pieces that will work well together and bring out the best in your home. Just give us a call and we will happily suggest a few beautiful options.   Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Interior Inspiration. Use #mydanetti to tag us in your photos to be featured too!
Outdoor Patio Chairs – Get Ready for Summer!
June 8, 2018 at 4:03 pm 0
Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than sunning yourself on a sleek garden chair! Long gone are the days of boring green plastic seating. Our collection of outdoor patio chairs and garden seating have been designed to revitalise both you and your garden space. So sit back and relax this summertime on some stylish seating that has social dining at its heart...  

Lola Garden Chair 

The curved shape and simple design of the Lola Garden Chair will create such a welcoming and convivial feel around any garden table. The contemporary look of this garden chair will instantly freshen up the feel of your outdoor space.  

Get The Look:

Here we've styled the Lola chair alongside the Palermo 2 to 4 seater garden table. This set is perfect if you're a little pushed for space, or if you don't want your outdoor space fully occupied by your dining table. With the option to seat two to four people, or to use the table as a centrepiece for drinks and snacks, this set up is incredibly versatile.  

Edie Garden Chair 

The Edie Garden Chair is a modern take on traditional garden seating. Easy to clean, lightweight yet durable, the Edie chair ticks plenty of the right boxes!  

Get The Look:

Outdoor patio chairs are incredibly versatile. Here we've styled the Edie chairs alongside the Fresco table and Palermo corner bench to create a welcoming and sociable outdoor space. The combination of the chairs and bench mixes and matches dining with lounging, while also allowing you to pull up a few extra spaces when you have more guests to seat.  

Edie Garden Armchair

If you're after slightly more support when seated, we suggest choosing a garden armchair. Coordinating with the Edie Garden Chair, the Edie Garden Armchair has space for you to rest your arms so you can really sit back and relax. You can also mix and match dining chairs and armchairs for a stylised look.  

Get The Look:

Garden armchairs are a great fit styled at either end of your dining table (this goes for indoors as well). Doing this gives the set more focus. Here we've styled the Edie with the Palermo table and bench. By combing a backless bench with the two armchairs, the look remains open and inviting yet seamlessly coordinated.  

Skye Garden Chair  

The Skye Garden Chair is such a comfy plastic seat due to the curvature of the seat back. The fluid shape means the chairs can be easily stacked for handy space saving and storage while maintaining a sleek design. The open style back is also a great feature for keeping your garden space looking open and inviting.  

Get The Look:

By pairing the crisp white frosted glass finish of the Palermo table with the colourful plastic Sky chair,, the colours really pop. Matcha green is an ideal choice if you want to coordinate with more earthy elements in your garden, such as plants and decking, while the freshness of the white table adds a hint of modern flair.  

Like What You See?

We have loads more styling and sizing tips for our outdoor range which you can read here. If you enjoy the content we share with you, be sure to sign up to our newsletter. We send out product updates, styling tips and offers straight to your inbox so you won’t miss a thing! You can sign up here.
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Get Fruity with Brightly Coloured Kitchen Dining Chairs
February 25, 2015 at 12:15 pm 1
Recently, we have started using a much more neutral colour palette in our homes, opting for soft grey, stone and pale white walls. So, it's great to see that as well as the more muted tones - we are slowly welcoming back brighter accent colours! If you are looking for a zingy splash of colour, then check out our latest dining chairs and start adding colour pops to your home! Eames Style Chair The Eames Style Chairs are available in a selection of fabulous soft colours like Taupe Grey, Cool Grey and White but we've introduced some other colours for those of you looking for something that will create a real impact in your home. Check out our Teal, Aqua and Mustard Yellow chairs! Eames Style Dining Chair            

Senn colourful kitchen chairs £45 each

Senn Colourful Kitchen Chair Welcome to our latest arrival! The super kitsch Senn colourful kitchen chair has a really retro twist. The quirky design will add an injection of fun colour to your home! It's available in a range of 50's style brights, or if you want to be a little more reserved it is available in grey and white or grey and oak - but we think that a collection of mix and match colours will add eclectic designer style to your kitchen diner! Fern Dining Chair
Fern Dining Chair

Fern Dining Chair £38.00

The Fern range of kitchen dining chairs comes in six great colours, from the popping brightness of zingy Yellow, Zesty Lime, mouthwatering Grape Purple and the juiciness of Berry Red, to classic Black and modern White. The seat and back are all one piece, fabricated from laminated plywood, which makes the chair look streamlined and seamless.  The Fern chairs are for home use and add a contemporary, designer look to any dining area. Team them with a glass, wooden or lacquered dining table and you have instant style without breaking the bank! Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair
Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair

Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair £76.00

The Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chair has stylish, chunky curves. The metal frame is well upholstered in a broad range of colours in high quality faux leather to produce an eye-catching and modern dining chair. The Argenta is also stackable making it very versatile and brilliant for small spaces as spare chairs can be stored safely when not in use. Available in fashionable modern White, Poppy Red, Putty Grey, Pistachio Green, Mulberry Purple and Ochre Yellow. Podo Plastic Coloured Dining Chair
Podo Plastic Coloured Dining Chairs

Podo Plastic Coloured Dining Chairs £64.00

This contemporary brightly coloured plastic dining chair is made from polypropylene and is available in many matt colours including red, orange, green and blue, as well as white and black. Buying a set of Podo plastic coloured dining chairs is a great idea if you want to modernise a tired looking kitchen, dining room or restaurant and those in the know about design are definitely going to appreciate seeing a set of these when they walk into a dining area!  Podo dining chairs look fabulous indoors but are also hardy enough to be used outdoors too, plus they're stackable!
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Bar Stools Sale – Save 10% Off Our Already Low Priced Bar Stools!
March 27, 2014 at 8:08 am 0
Nicci Gas Lift Bar Stool £129.00

Nicci Gas Lift Bar Stool £129.00

Now you can save on our fabulous range of modern bar stools by using promotional code BAR14 at the check out on orders over £200* to receive 10% off your order**.

Promotional code BAR14 expires at Midnight on Sunday, 13 April 2014 and is valid on the purchase of Bar Stools only. *Not including delivery charge.

**10% off does not apply to delivery charge.

Top Tip For Choosing The Correct Height Stool

Larino Bar Stool £79.00

Larino Bar Stool £79.00

There are usually two standard heights of counter or breakfast bar - 900mm approx and 1100mm approx.  For a 900mm counter, a 650-700mm fixed height bar stool is recommended, and for a 1100mm counter, a 770- 800mm bar stool works well.  An alternative option is to go for a gas lift bar stool so that the height is adjustable, meaning that the stool can be used in different locations in your home or business.  
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Bring Nature Indoors with Gorgeous Walnut Living and Dining Room Furniture
March 24, 2014 at 8:06 am 0

Who can resist a beautiful Walnut table or sideboard?  These classic and timeless pieces create a statement in any living or dining room and seem to get better with age.  Walnut is always contemporary no matter what accessories and furnishings you put with it.  So to create a look for your dining or living space that will not go out of fashion in one season, have a look at our selection of Solid Walnut and Walnut Veneer tables, sideboards and coffee tables  and make an investment that will last and last.

 Assi Walnut and Lilly Extending Dining Set
Assi Walnut and Lilly Extending Dining Set £775.00

Assi Walnut and Lilly Extending Dining Set £775.00

The Assi Walnut Extending Dining Table is slightly curved at both ends, with chamfered edges and a slim profile, extending from 1625mm to 2130mm, seating up to 8 people. When extended, the grain of the inserted extension leaf runs in the opposite direction to the main table grain, to create a style feature. When not in use, the extension leaf is stored under the table top. This retro extending dining table is supported by contemporary rectangular brushed metal legs which are slightly slanted to enhance the retro designer look. Completing this dining set are the stylish and modern Lilly Dining Chairs which are also slightly retro in design and look stunning in a contemporary dining room. The gorgeous, stylish rounded backs and comfy seats are lightly padded and upholstered in high quality, soft White faux leather. The eye-catching contemporary rounded backrest and seat are complemented by trendy, slender brushed steel legs. Assi Walnut Sideboard
Assi Walnut Sideboard £439.00

Assi Walnut Sideboard £439.00

This modern and slightly retro Walnut Veneer Sideboard is the ideal storage solution for contemporary living spaces. Two spacious cupboards and three handy drawers provide ample space for dinner services, glasses and other miscellaneous items that you don't necessarily want on show. The drawers and cupboards all have nifty 'soft' closures. The Assi Walnut Sideboard has slightly slanted, stylish rectangular brushed metal legs which enhance the overall retro designer look. Assi Walnut Coffee Table
Assi Walnut Coffee Table £89.00

Assi Walnut Coffee Table £89.00

This funky Walnut Coffee Table has a rich walnut veneered table top which is complemented by ultra modern brushed metal legs, angled slightly to create a slightly retro look in your living area. The slim profile rich Walnut table top is a curved pebble shape, with chamfered edges giving a high quality and stylish finish. It matches perfectly with the Assi Extending Walnut Dining Table and Sideboard. Curva Walnut Extending Dining Set
Curva Walnut Extending Dining Set £975.00

Curva Walnut Extending Dining Set £975.00

In this stylish, modern classic dining set, the Curva Round Walnut Extending Dining Table is perfectly complemented by the unique and comfy Curva Dining Chairs. The rich walnut veneer table top has a 400mm wide extension leaf, taking this contemporary dining table from a round table of 1200mm in diameter, to an oval table 1600mm in length. The extension leaf is stored separately. Its elegant matching central pedestal has a polished steel trim on each side and sits upon a round polished steel base. This stylish table seats 4-5 people, or 6-8 when extended. The matching Curva chairs have an elegant curved design that looks stunning with this dining table. The legs are finished in shiny chrome and have a beautiful elegant tapered design. The well-padded seat is covered in soft faux leather, available in classic Black, Latte Beige or rich Brown. Florence Large Round Solid Walnut and Lucia Dining Set
Florence Large Round Solid Walnut and Lucia Dining Set £825.00

Florence Large Round Solid Walnut and Lucia Dining Set £825.00

The Florence Large Round Solid Walnut Dining Table is a beautiful and eye-catching circular dining table made from solid American Walnut with a stylish champagne flute shaped brushed aluminium pedestal base. The table top has a diameter of 1000mm which is large enough to seat up to 4 people easily. The hand selected walnut has been finished with a clear natural polish to bring out the woodgrain and beauty of the solid wood. Complementing this gorgeous round walnut table are the Lucia Modern Dining Chairs, which are comfortable yet elegant, upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of 6 colours - classic Black, modern White, funky Putty Grey, Latte Beige, Espresso Brown and trendy Mulberry Purple. The shapely tapered legs are finished in brushed metal and match beautifully with the brushed metal pedestal base.      
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Be Bold with a Black and White Monochrome Look
March 17, 2014 at 1:30 pm 0

Decisions in life are not always black and white but this season’s interiors definitely are! Jump on the Monochrome bandwagon and create a stylish black and white dining area that is full of style and elegance.  Whether you choose a black table with white chairs, or a white table with black chairs, or even a mixture of the two, you can be sure to effortlessly create an elegant and calming place to sit and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some of our favourite Black and White Monochrome Dining Sets...

Carlo Black Ash Extending and Iva Leather Dining Set

Carlo Black Ash Extending and Iva Dining Set £1339.00

Carlo Black Ash Extending and Iva Dining Set £1339.00

If you love to throw a dinner party then this easily extended Black Ash Extending Dining Set with real leather dining chairs might be the answer to your prayers! The contemporary Carlo Large Black Ash Extending Dining Table, a chunky, rectangular extending dining table which can seat 12 people, or 14 at a push when fully extended, is accompanied by the stylish, high backed Iva real leather chairs. When unextended the Carlo Black Ash Extending Dining Table measures 2000mm in length and can seat 8 people. The table top and legs of this modern black extending dining table are finished in Black Ash wooden veneer. The 2 extension leaves are stored separately and are situated at either end of the table when extended to make the table 3000mm long in total. The Iva Real Leather Dining Chairs are so elegant with their slender, shapely backs and well padded comfortable seats. The back of the chair has an eye-catching stitching detail. These modern, designer genuine leather dining chairs are available in 3 modern colours - classic Black, Pure White or Charcoal Grey in lovely supple, soft leather which not only looks and feels amazing, it is also incredibly hardwearing too. The squared, brushed metal legs enhance the modern style of the Iva Real Leather Dining Chairs and match the squared legs of the chunky table. Tirano White Gloss and Tori Dining Set
Tirano White Gloss and Tori Dining Set £359.00

Tirano White Gloss and Tori Dining Set £359.00

Revamp your kitchen diner with this stylish, retro 4 seater kitchen dining set without breaking the bank. The Tirano White Gloss Dining Table has a high gloss, rectangular table top which is slim with a trendy chamfered edge. The funky, tapering chrome legs are slanted in retro-style and finished in shiny, chrome with little round feet completing the look. The Tirano Table measures 1200mm in length to comfortably seat 4 people. The accompanying Tori Dining Chairs are very modern and sleek dining chairs, upholstered in high quality faux leather, available in classic Black, or trendy White. The comfortable seat curves round at the bottom to offer support behind the knees and is complemented by slim squared chrome legs. These chairs can be stacked to save space when necessary. Curva White Gloss and Elise Dining Set
Curva White Gloss and Elise Extending Dining Set £895.00

Curva White Gloss and Elise Extending Dining Set £895.00

The stylish and modern Curva Round White Gloss Extending Dining Table looks fabulous in modern homes and kitchens teamed with the contemporary Elise Dining Chairs. This white high gloss round table extends via a 400mm wide extension leaf to turn it into an oval table measuring 1600mm in length. The handy extension leaf is stored separately. To support the glossy table top is a matching central pedestal which has a polished steel trim each side and is set upon a round polished steel base. This beautiful modern table seats 4 people or 6 when extended. The stylish, modern Elise dining chair is upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather and is extremely comfortable. The slender trendy legs are finished in highly polished chrome and are beautifully tapered to make the Elise Dining Chair a very elegant dining chair. Casa Matt Black and Argenta Extending Dining Set
Casa Matt Black and Argenta Extending Dining Set £699.00

Casa Matt Black and Argenta Extending Dining Set £699.00

A fabulous Matt Black Dining Table which can easily seat 4 people when it is unextended and up to 8 when fully extended. The two extension leaves make the Casa Matt Black Extending Dining Table very flexible as you can opt for three different sizes of table. The extension leaves are neatly stored underneath the table top and are easily accessed and slotted into place. The table frame and stylish square legs are finished in fashionable brushed metal. Complementing the black matt finish of the table are the bright and funky Argenta Coloured Faux Leather Dining Chairs with their stylish, chunky curves and eye-catching, high fashion coloured faux leather upholstery which completely covers the chair. The Argentas are available in modern White, Poppy Red, Putty Grey, Pistachio Green, Mulberry Purple and Ochre Yellow. Extra chairs can be stacked when not in use.  
Bar Stools, Ideas and Inspiration
Bar Stools – Perfect for Busy Families!
February 25, 2014 at 2:52 pm 0

Bar Stools are the perfect solution for a busy family kitchen.  The way we use our living spaces has changed over recent years, with many families opting for Open Plan re-designs.  Bar Stools at a breakfast bar or island unit are great for busy parents who want to help the children with their homework whilst cooking the dinner, or for perching with a glass of wine whilst the 'other half' cooks!  If a breakfast bar or island unit is your main dining area it is always worth splashing out on comfy bar stools so that you can sit in comfort and eat your dinner!

Teora Bar Stool

Teora Bar Stool £89.00

Teora Bar Stool £89.00

A stylish, modern bar stool, the comfy Teora has a well-proportioned wider seat, upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of high fashion Putty Grey or gorgeous rich Ruby Red. The stylish legs are finished in trendy chrome making the Teora perfect for modern kitchens everywhere.       Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool
Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £109.00

Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool £109.00

Part of our exclusive range, the Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool is contemporary, comfortable and curvy and offers fantastic value for money. The flat sturdy base is finished in shiny chrome matching the pedestal with adjustable gas lift system and funky footrest. The curves of the faux leather seat give you a small backrest and the front curve fits neatly behind your knees.  The Fondi Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool is available in black or white hard-wearing faux leather and is also available with a Brushed Metal finish base as well. Anzio Modern Bar Stool
Anzio Modern Bar Stool £79.00

Anzio Modern Bar Stool £79.00

The Anzio Modern Bar Stool is the perfect place to perch at the breakfast bar with a latte or glass of chilled white wine! Its contemporary designer sleek looks really make it stand out from the crowd. The comfortably padded round seat is upholstered in high quality White or Mulberry Purple faux leather. The funky chrome legs are slender with the rear legs wrapping round to make an integral trendy footrest. Also available in an Adjustable Gas Lift version.   Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool
Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool £149.00

Elise Stainless Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool £149.00

If you are looking for comfort and value for money but don't want to compromise on quality, then the Elise Stainless Steel Bar Stool ticks all the boxes. A stylish, modern bar stool, the comfy Elise is upholstered in hard-wearing yet luxurious faux leather in a choice of Putty Grey, classic black, trendy white or cream. The stainless steel pedestal with a low profile solid metal flat round base has a gas lift mechanism to make the stool fully adjustable for your requirements. The pedestal comes in brushed metal which complements the stainless steel in many modern kitchens perfectly. Oak Bar Stool
Oak Bar Stool £68.00

Oak Bar Stool £68.00

The Oak Bar Stool is a modern and very popular breakfast bar stool. These Oak Bar Stools look fantastic in a traditional or modern kitchen with oak cabinets, but also look very contemporary in a cream Shaker style kitchen. The legs and footrest add strong support to the stool - the footrest measures 200mm from the ground. Please note:  We do not recommend that Bar Stools are used by young children or without adult supervision.