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Wood Veneers: All You Need To Know About Wood Veneer Furniture
November 10, 2017 at 4:43 pm 0
If you hear the term wood veneer and instantly think of cheap, thin, flat-pack furniture, it’s time you thought again! Wood veneers are an excellent material choice for many furniture pieces, due to their clean look and the variety of colours and styles available. In this post, we’ll talk you through the different types of wood veneer, what one to go for to create a certain look, and how to care for this material in your home.  

So, What is a Wood Veneer?

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table

For our Cleo 4 Seater dining table, the oak veneer top has been cleverly sectioned. This beautiful detailing adds real designer credentials to this piece, while also making sure that the table looks great from every angle.

A wood veneer is typically made up of a thin layer of natural hardwood, that is then bonded to a stable composite base material. The purpose of a veneer is that it’s more affordable than solid timber as less actual wood is used but also the base material gives the whole thing overall stability. Natural, solid wood is very susceptible to moisture, meaning it can result in warping if left. Veneers ensure that furniture not only looks great, but is also long-lasting.  

Wood Veneer vs. Solid Wood Furniture

If you’re stuck between choosing real wood furniture and furniture with a wood veneer finish, there are more factors to consider than just the price. Here we’ve broken down some pros and cons of each material. It's important to consider which factors would benefit you most when shopping for your new furniture.  

Solid Wood Furniture


Advantages of Solid Wood

  • Solid wood furniture is very durable and in many cases easy to repair. This includes anything from scratches, watermarks, dents and stains. You can usually give it a light sand with fine sandpaper to take care of any markings. 

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

  • Because real wood furniture is, well, real wood, it can be prone to splitting. This generally only happens in extreme conditions, but real wood furniture can expand and contract causing it to split along the grain. To prevent splitting, try to avoid exposing solid wood furniture to strong sunlight or direct heat sources. Waxes and oils can help prolong the life of real wood furniture, but takes more maintenance. 
  • Solid timber is susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions.  Fluctuations in temperature can mean that surfaces warp and bend.


Wood Veneer Furniture

Walnut and brushed metal finishes are a match made in heaven! Image: <a href="https://www.danetti.com/living-furniture/coffee-tables/halo-walnut-coffee-table" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Halo Walnut Coffee Table</a>

Walnut and brushed metal finishes are a match made in heaven! Image: Halo Walnut Coffee Table

Advantages of Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Wood veneer is actually far better for the environment! As it’s solid wood sliced into multiple pieces, it means much more can be made out of one piece of wood. Meaning less trees, which is always a good thing.
  • There are also lots of design possibilities for wood veneer furniture. Since veneer is far thinner than solid wood, it allows designs and arrangements of the wood that solid wood just couldn’t achieve.
  • Good quality wood veneer furniture is also very stable. This is because the veneer is glued to a stable substrate, so the surface isn’t prone to warping or splitting.

Disadvantages of Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Wood veneer can blister, delaminate or peel back at the edges if not treated with care. However, this is incredibly easy to prevent by using mats each mealtime and by giving your wood veneer furniture a regular, light clean.

Wood Veneer Finishes: Oak, Walnut and Painted Oak

Like with solid wood, there are a whole variety of wood veneer finishes available, each with their own features and benefits. Here are our top 3 wood veneer picks, each with the look that they’ll help to create in your home:  

Walnut Veneer

When extended, the grain of the Assi extension leaf runs in the opposite direction to the main table grain, adding a touch of interest alongside a stylish design feature.

When extended, the grain of the Assi extension leaf runs in the opposite direction to the main table grain, adding a touch of interest alongside a stylish design feature.

If you're looking to create a warm, rich and tactile look, opt for walnut veneer furniture. Style alongside Black Chrome Dining Chairs for a really visually strong, dark luxe look. Alternatively, try styling your walnut veneer alongside glass furniture to help lift and lighten your space.  

Oak Veneer

  Furniture with an oak wood veneer has a lighter look, with a slightly modern Scandinavian feel. This creates an ideal opportunity to style it alongside some slightly more modern finishes, such as gloss or brushed metal. An oak veneer dining table or set of side tables are a great way to add a hint of wooden texture to your room, while keeping your space looking bright and fresh.    
The Glide Sideboard in Grey Gloss with White and Oak is a perfect example of how you can combine a tactile oak veneer surface with some more glossy finishes.

The Glide Sideboard in Grey Gloss with White and Oak is a perfect example of how you can combine a tactile oak veneer surface with some more glossy finishes.

So what if you're not into the light, minimal scandi style? Oak is a very traditional and versatile material which has been used throughout our homes for years. Our Cleo 4 Seater Pedestal table is a contemporary take on the classic farmhouse style, featuring a circular segment design and a matt painted pedestal base, to give it a modern update.


White Oak or Painted Wood Veneer

Close up detail of the Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

Close up detail of the Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

  If you’re looking for a really crisp and contemporary finish, take a look at a white oak veneer. Just like a Gloss finish, a white oak veneer allows you to create a really fresh and modern look. But unlike gloss, a white oak or painted veneer isn’t shiny or reflective. Instead, you get a subtle but really lovely wood grain running throughout the surface.   With a painted wood veneer finish you really do get the best of both worlds- a super fresh and modern look with the tactile qualities of a wooden finish.  

How To Clean A Wood Veneer: The Do’s and Don’ts

When cleaning a wood veneer surface, whether that’s a dining table or sideboard, we suggest using a damp, soft lint-free cloth. For the best results, wipe in the direction of the wood grain.  When trying to tackle those more stubborn marks caused by food and drink, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth and again wipe in the direction if the wood grain.  
Wooden veneer side tables are bound to get used daily, so it’s best to know how to clean them incase spillages occur! Image: Duo Walnut and Grey Side Table Set

Wood veneer side tables are bound to get used daily, so it’s best to know how to clean them in case spillages occur! Image: Duo Walnut and Grey Side Table Set

  Aim to dust your wood veneer regularly with a dry, soft cloth to help keep it looking its best. Then for a quick, non-deep clean, you can spray a wood veneer with a light layer of non-ammonia glass cleaner and wipe it with a paper towel. When cleaning, avoid using any furniture polishes that contain wax or silicone. If used, wax can build up on your veneer furniture and over time, lead to a cloudy and uneven appearance. Silicon meanwhile leaves behind an unsightly white residue that destroys the furniture finish. So be sure to check what’s in the cleaning product you are using, just to be safe. This goes without saying, but never use any kind of abrasive cleanser or cloth on a wood veneer. Stick to soft cleaning agents and clean cloths as to not damage the surface.  

Maintenance of Your Wood Veneer

"We’ve If any minor marks appear on your veneer furniture, have no fear! In many cases, this can be treated with a few DIY furniture restoration tricks. Before you start, be sure to clean your veneer with a mild soap and some water to remove any dirt, wax or silicone deposits.
  • For marks and small scratches, try applying a high-quality furniture polish to hide small scratches in the wood furniture finish. To do this, rub the polish in with a soft cloth until the scratch is no longer visible.
  • For deeper scratches or gouges, there are a variety of furniture repair kits that will help to fill and colour any nicks or gouges.  Just be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions first, and test a small patch, just to be sure! 

How to Care For Your Wood Veneer

When it comes to protecting your wooden veneers, there are three main things you’ll need to keep an eye on (and try to avoid!) These are sunlight, heat and moisture.  

How to Avoid: Sun Damage

  If exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time, the colour of your wood veneer furniture can be subject to fading. This is incredibly easy to prevent by not placing your wooden furniture in front of windows or in direct sunlight. If that is not an option due to the design or layout of your room, you can always protect your veneer with blinds, curtains or UV screens and films.    

How to Avoid: Moisture Damage

  If you spill any liquid on your wood veneer dining table, try to wipe this up as soon as possible. If left, liquids can seep through the veneer and loosen the glue from the surface. Don’t use a sponge as this can just spread the liquid. Instead, use a paper towel or a clean dishcloth. It’s best to use coasters under glasses to avoid water rings from drinks. It may seem minor, but water rings can cause damage to veneer tables by soaking the finish and changing its opacity. Avoid any damage by using mats and coasters each meal time.  

How to Avoid: Heat Damage

    It’s important to protect your wood veneer table top as the heat or steam from very hot plates can, over time, loosen the glue holding the veneer to the surface underneath. This is really easy to avoid by using placemats and coasters each meal time. Avoid placing plates and dishes straight from the oven onto a wooden veneer table surface as this will damage the surface. A heatproof mat will do just the trick and help protect the surface.  

Top Tip: Placing trivets under hot serving bowls will prevent high heat causing the veneer to blister. Check your trivets have felt bottoms as this will further protect the veneer from both the heat and scratches.

  So, have we managed to change your opinion on wood veneer furniture? After seeing so many stylish wood veneer pieces and how versatile this material can be, we hope we’ve inspired you to introduce this finish to your home. To see our full range of wood veneer products, from Dining Tables and Sideboards, to Consoles and Side Tables, be sure to head over to our website.  

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Dining Bench Set: How to Set up, Match and Style Dining Benches
October 23, 2017 at 12:21 pm 0
  A dining bench set is a simple but really effective way to update your dining space.  Comfortable, efficient and flexible, after reading this post you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered a dining bench set sooner! Whether you have a formal dining area or a casual kitchen/dining room space, a dining bench would be a very smart choice. So, let us take you through the different shapes and styles of kitchen bench, the measurements you really shouldn’t miss, and the matching dining tables that will create a stunning dining bench set in your home.  

Why Choose a Dining Bench Set?

A dining bench set may seem a big jump from having traditional dining chair seating in your home. But when chosen with the shape and size of your room in mind, a dining bench really can work wonders in a space. Here are a couple of reasons why we think dining benches are a smart choice for your home:
  • It’s more economical: this, of course, depends on how large your table is, but the cost of your dining chairs can really add up. A dining bench will allow you to seat just as many, if not more, all on one cosy seat.
  • It’s a more versatile seating arrangement: whether you opt for a backless bench, a bench with a back or a corner unit, a dining bench will allow you to really transform your dining area. You could also pair a dining bench alongside dining chairs for a mix and match seating setting.
  • It saves space: you can often tuck a backless dining bench under the table and out of the way if you need more floor space, making a backless bench a great space saver. With a dining bench you can also seat a couple more when you have guests over for dinner, so you don’t need to pull up any extra dining chairs or huddle around the table.

How To Measure Your Dining Bench Set:

If you’re choosing a premade dining set, all the bench shapes and table sizes will be matched for you. However, it’s still good to know your key measurements and how much space you’ll need in your kitchen or dining room.

Bench Sizing Checklist:

  1. Seat back height (which is all the way to the top if your bench has a backrest).
  2. Seat height (from floor to the seat). A comfortable seat height should be around 45cm, the same as a dining chair.
  3. Bench depth (this is from the very front to the very back of the bench)
  4. Seat depth (from front of the seat to as far back as you can sit)
  5. Bench length (this will help you decide how many you’ll be able to sit comfortably)

Top Tip: If you’re planning to put your bench against a wall be sure to check that it fits with any panelling, radiators or window sills.


Table Measuring Checklist:

  1. Height of the table
  2. Table length
  3. Length of the table with extensions (if applicable)
  4. Table measurement from between the legs (not just the table top).

Top Tip: You should aim for your bench to be roughly the table measurement from between the legs, or minus 5-10cm if you want to tuck the bench underneath the table.


Dining Bench Shapes and Sizes

There are a whole variety of benches available, so it’s key to pick one that’s right for you and your space. Dining benches are a great opportunity to really make the most of your dining area and transform its look. Here are our dining bench top picks and what features you should look out for.  

Full-Length Dining Benches

Great For: maximizing the seats around the table.

Example of how a full length dining bench should it alongside your dining table

Example of how a full-length dining bench should it alongside your dining table

A full-length kitchen bench does what it says on the tin - it needs to be the full length of your dining table. This style of bench works especially well with pedestal dining tables or where the table legs aren’t set at each of the four corners, as you can neatly tuck the bench in while still maximising your space. That’s not to say a full-length kitchen bench doesn't look great alongside a table with legs, just consider how you will be able to sit on the bench and if the table legs are in the way.  

Tucked in Dining Benches

Great For: space saving and a neat compact look.

This really isn't one to miss! make sure you measure inside the table legs as well as the table top.

This really isn't one to miss! make sure you measure inside the table legs as well as the table top.

To be able to tuck your bench underneath a table with legs, the bench will need to fit the ‘inside leg length’ measurement of the table rather than the length of the tabletop. You’ll also want to leave about 5-10cm for clearance to avoid bumping into the legs every time the bench is pulled in and out. "<yoastmark  

Top Tip: Whether you have your bench tucked in or at the full length of your table, we recommend that you allow enough space so that when you are sitting on the bench, the front of the bench is in line with the front of the table. This applies to corner benches as well as it will give you the optimum comfort while seated. You may prefer to have a more tucked in seating position, but this will make sure that you always have enough room.


Corner Dining Benches

Great For: creating a cosy dining corner.

Corner dining benches are designed mainly to suit tables with pedestal legs, such as our Sanza and Aria tables. That’s not to say that they can’t work with tables with legs though! In this case, you’ll really need to consider your sizing and check there’s enough space to fit around the table legs and be seated comfortably.  

Top Tip: It’s called left-hand dining bench because the longer side is on the left and a right-hand dining bench because the longer side is on the right!


Benches with a Backrest 

Great For: comfortable and versatile dining.

Clean-lined and simple, a straight back bench offers more back support as you can lean back when you are seated. Benches with a back create more of a visual impact in a room, which is great if you’ve got the space and are really looking to add a style statement in your dining interior. A dining bench with a back also allows you to squeeze on a couple more, even if seating does become more snug!  

Backless Benches 

Great For: opening up the look and feel in your dining area.

Backless dining benches are great for opening up your dining space as, without a back, they have less of a visual impact in the room. They’re also great space savers too; if you select a bench size that’s smaller than the inside leg length of your table, you can neatly tuck the bench away when it’s not in use. Backless benches are also that bit lighter and easy to move.  

Perfect Pairings: Matching Dining Tables and Benches

One of the many great things about a dining bench is that it can be styled alongside a variety of dining tables. Whether you choose to tie your set together by shape, colour or size, you'll be able to find a perfect pairing for your space. Here are our top styling picks when it comes to styling a dining bench set:

A Cosy Corner

Sanza White Gloss and Loop 7 Seater Left Hand Corner Bench Dining Set
A corner nook is a perfect opportunity to have a corner bench in your home. A corner bench will really make the most of an awkward corner and turn into a cosy and communal dining spot. Alternatively, you can use a corner bench to section off a dining area in an open plan kitchen or kitchen/dining area. Our range of Loop 5 and 7 seater left and right-hand corner benches would work a treat!  

More to Seat?

Sanza White Gloss and Loop 7 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench Dining Set
A dining bench is a great match with an extending dining table, as with a bench you can be a bit more flexible with your seating, even if it does become a slightly more snug! This is an ideal dining bench set option if you want the flexibility of a table extension but don’t have the space to store extra chairs when they are not in use.  

Seamless Coordination

Mellow 4 Seater Bench with Backrest
A great way to make your new dining bench set look right at home is to coordinate it with other furniture pieces in your space. Here we’ve coordinated the black powder coated legs of the Mellow bench with the sleek black chrome base of the Elise Black Chrome Bar Stool. The Zen 6 Seater White Gloss and Glass Dining Table ties the whole look together by breaking up the darker finished,  keeping the space looking light and modern.  

Care and Cleaning

Chances are, you’ll be using your dining benches daily. This is why we recommend doing a light, regular clean of your benches. This will help to keep away any marks caused by day to day use, keeping your bench looking newer for longer.  

Faux Leather Dining Benches

When it comes to cleaning any marks and spills caused by food and drink, step away from the bleach! Bleach is a harsh chemical cleaner that will just damage the leather rather than help to clean it. Instead, opt for gentler cleaner agents such as a dab of mild detergent like washing-up liquid on a soft, slightly dampened cloth. Apply a gentle amount of pressure and move in a circular motion. Then with a dry cloth, wipe the faux leather to remove any excess moisture.  

Chrome Dining Bench Legs

For the chrome base or legs of your dining bench, we advise using soap and water on a soft cloth, and if the mark still doesn’t go away, try adding a splash of vinegar. This will help to give your cleaning that extra boost. Waxing chrome after cleaning will help to keep its high shine for even longer. Avoid using abrasive materials on your chrome dining table or benches. Any scratches caused can potentially expose the material to the air, subsequently resulting in rusting over time.  

Brushed Metal Bench Legs

Much like chrome, all you need to clean brushed metal or stainless steel is a mix of warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. For those harder to remove marks, window cleaner or a solution that’s half water and half white vinegar works a treat! Alternatively, you can use baby oil on a paper towel, being sure to buff away any excess solution with a dry, microfibre cloth. Dust your brushed metal bench legs regularly to keep it looking newer for longer.  

Black Powder Coated Bench Legs

To clean black powder coated benches, prepare a bucket of soapy water by adding a few drops of mild liquid detergent to warm water. Then, dip a lint-free the rag in the soapy water and wring out excess. Gently wipe the entire surface, remembering to wash underneath the furnishing and in all cracks and grooves. Never use ammonia or bleach on powder-coated furniture and avoid scraping or rubbing the surface with an abrasive cloth. This could damage or remove the coating from the surface rather than help to remove the mark.  

So, have we convinced you that a dining bench set would be a great addition to your home?

We hope so! If you’d like more information on bench sizing and styling, we highly recommend taking a look at our all-you-need-to-know Dining Bench Sizing Blog Post. Or, just ask us a question in the comments!  

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Extending Dining Sets: How To Choose The Perfect Extending Set
September 29, 2017 at 4:35 pm 0
An extending dining set can transform your dining space. With flexible seating options and a variety of styles and combinations available, there is sure to be an extending dining set that is right for your space. But when looking at what set to buy, there are a few more things to consider than if you were buying just a table or just chairs. So, if you need some help choosing the right extending dining set, how to style an extending dining set, or you would like to browse what sets would work best for you, you’ve come to the right place!  

Types of Extending Dining Tables:

First things first, let’s take a look at the type of table extensions that are available. They may differ slightly depending on the shape of the table, but here are some extensions you’re very likely to come across:  

Externally Stored Single Extension Leaves

A table with externally stored extension leaves is one of the simplest extension mechanisms. All you need to do is pull the table apart, put the extension piece in place and then fasten the clips on the underside of the table to hold it in place. One of the benefits of a single extension dining table is that they are usually very affordable. The table top can also remain more streamlined. Don’t forget though, with a separate extension piece you will need to find a place to store the leaf when not in use.  

Externally Stored Double Extension Leaves

Two extension leaves give not one, not two, but three table length options. This is with one extension in place, both extensions or without either in use. A table with two extensions offers maximum seating flexibility and versatility. This is a great table option if you regularly have a different number of people to seat.  

Butterfly Table Extension

  A butterfly table extension is a quick and easy way to seat more people around your dining table. The extension folds and rotates to fit within the table top, with the table concealing the extension when not in use. User-friendly clips hold the extension in place, making extending tables like the Aver dining table both strong and supportive. Neat, quick and easy to use, with a butterfly extension you also don’t have to worry about storing the extension leaves elsewhere, as they neatly fold back into the table top.    

Lift Up Extending Mechanism

To use a lift-up extending mechanism, all you have to do is undo the table clasps and pull the table out. The extension leaves sit on smooth, slightly sprung, hinges which lever up and out to sit in place. The table can then be pushed back together and the clasps tightened to keep everything in place. With a lift mechanism, you don’t need to worry about storing the extension pieces elsewhere. What’s more, the design also means that the shape of the table can remain streamlined and sleek, like our range of Eve frosted glass dining tables.  

Internally Stored Separate Extension Piece

An internally stored but separate extension piece means the extension panel is separate from the table but the leaf is stored in the table top. With extending tables like the Sanza, each side of the table smoothly glides apart with minimal effort to reveal the extension leaf. The leaf then just needs to be taken out and placed in position.
Top Tip: We suggest wrapping the table extension in a soft cloth or blanket and storing it under your sofa when not in use. This will keep it out of the way but well protected.
To see the extension pieces in action and really get a feel for how easy they are to use, why not take a look at each of the product pages. Our handy product videos will give you an idea of how the extension works and will have all the information you'll need about each design of table.  

Extending Dining Sets - Top Measurements

Measuring for your extending dining set will take a bit more time and consideration, but it is still very straightforward. Essentially, it’s a combination of the key dining chair and dining table measurements, with the added factor that the table can extend so will need more space. We’ve broken each aspect into a handy checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered.  

The Chair:

  1. Height, from the very top of the chair right down to the floor
  2. Seat width, from left to right
  3. The seat height, from base of the chair the bottom of the seat
  4. Seat depth, from the front to as far back as you can sit.
  5. Back height of the seat
  6. The footprint of the chair, how much floor space, the seat occupies.
Top Tip: don’t forget to measure the height of the arms if you have dining armchairs.

The Table:

  1. The height of the table
  2. Table length
  3. Table width
  4. Inner leg length, as this will be different to table length
  5. The apron, which will help you decide what chairs will fit
Top Tip: check whether the extensions are stored within the table or need to be stored separately.
Once you’ve got your individual measurements, it’s time to bring everything together….

And don’t forget to consider your existing space…

  • Consider how the table will look and fit in your space, both extended and unextended.
  • Measure out your place settings. We recommend leaving 60cm to 80cm per place setting, dependant on whether you want a cosier feel or a more spacious setting.
  • Leave enough room around your furniture, both for chairs to be pulled in and out and of people to walk past.
Top Tip: Think about all the uses you have for your extending dining table before making a purchase. A dining table doesn’t just need to be big enough for the number of guests come meal times. Does it double up as a home office/desk? Do the kids need the extra space for homework/hobbies? Consider the type of table that would benefit your daily needs.

Work Your Room

The extending dining set you choose will depend a lot on the space and style of your existing interior. Picture your current dining area and ask yourself the following questions. This will help to narrow down the type of set best suited to your space.  

Short on space?

If you want to make the most of the space you have available, choose an extending table with a pedestal base. This will free up the space around your table and stop any obstructions for your chair or bench legs. Chairs with a slim shape and design would be ideal as they can be closely tucked under the table.  

Room for a couple more?

The great thing about an extending dining set is that you’ve always got the option to extend the table when you need a couple of extra seats. Consider how many you want to seat and how often you are likely to extend the table. This will help you choose what size and how many extensions you need, as some extending dining tables like our Ellie White Oval Extending Table and Fern White Gloss and Fern Grey Gloss Extending Dining Table have the option of two extension pieces for maximum seating flexibility.  

What finish would you like?

You may have your heart set on a particular finish or be open to options. The best way to start thinking about finishes is to consider your existing space and the material durability. Materials like HPL and tempered safety glass are incredibly strong, safe and durable, so are ideal if you’re looking for a table for a young family. Gloss finishes can be easily wiped clean and can be styled alongside a variety of colours and textures.  

What shape would suit your space?

A round or oval extending table will free up a little more room and there are no harsh corners to walk into, something to consider with little ones around. A rectangular or square extending table generally will suit the majority of interiors as they mirror the shape of the room, however it really is dependent on what you think will suit your space.  

Perfect Pairings

If you’re choosing seats to match your extending table, there are so many options available. However, we always think it’s a good idea to make the most of the table extension with a clever choice of seating to go with it. Here are some smart seating choices when it comes to extending dining tables:  

Stackable Dining Chairs - Smart Space Saving

If you’re not planning on having your table extended for the majority of the time, chances are you’re going to have extra seats when the full table isn’t in use. Rather than having to bring down the chair from the study and the footstool from the living room, opt for stackable dining chairs. This way, you have enough seats but can easily stack and store the extra chairs when they aren’t in use.  

Dining Benches - Create a Cosy Corner

Creating a cosy dining corner with dining chairs can be a little tricky, as you’ll need to make sure there’s enough space to get around the table, while also still be able to pull out and tuck in the dining chairs. However, a cosy corner is incredibly easy to create with a dining corner bench. The right-angle of the bench can neatly be tucked into the corner to really make the most of your space. To make seating even more comfortable, opt for a pedestal table like the Sanza as then there will be no table legs to get in the way.  

Ready Made Extending Dining Sets

To save you some time (and effort) both measuring and styling, we offer a whole variety of premade extending dining sets. We’ve done the edit on the shapes, colours and practicality so you know the set has been meticulously matched. We have loads of sets on our website, but here are a couple of combinations to help give you some styling inspiration...

Bright Bursts

A dining set is a great way to introduce a splash of colour to your space. Take the Aver White Extending and Senn Colourful Dining Set: the clean, modern lines of the white extending table allows the colourful choice of Senn Chairs become true style accents in the space.  

Natural Textures with a Modern Twist

An oak or oak veneer dining table will instantly add a homely, warm and welcoming feel to your dining space. However, a wooden table doesn’t always have to be traditional. The Sanza oak dining table infuses the old with the new, combining an oak veneer with sleek brushed metal finishes. This is then seamlessly coordinated with the brushed metal legs of the faux leather Moda chairs. The key to pulling off this look is picking out an element that ties the whole set together.  

Keep it simple

Too many finishes, styles and surfaces in a dining space can become a little overwhelming. If you want to keep the look clean and simple, your best bet is to opt for a gloss dining table. White and grey are such neutral tones so will help keep the look clean yet contemporary. For this setting, we’ve styled the Metro dining table alongside the stackable Tori chairs which instantly creates a neat and uniform look.  

Fit for a Crowd

When you're decorating a large, open-plan dining space,  an extending dining set works a treat as you can make the most of the space you have available. However, you’ll want to make sure your dining set looks just as good unextended as it does with the extension piece in place.  Opt for a set like the Aver Grey and White Extending and Finn Dining Set which works just as well for day to day dining as it does for those big family get-togethers.  

Mixing Materials

Selecting a premade extending dining set doesn’t mean it all has to be the same. Mix up the look by choosing different coloured chairs and a table that already has a variety of finishes incorporated into its design. The great thing about this style of set is that all the hard work of matching up styles and finishes has been done for you!  

Designer Details

One subtle but really sleek way to tie your dining set together is through the details. For example, the curved back on the Curva dining chairs are a subtle nod towards the round table top and chrome penny base of the Curva dining table, which extends into an oval shape. The overall curved appearance of this dining set creates a really cosy and inviting setting.  

Coordinate with your space

One way to make your new dining set look right at home is to coordinate it with your decor. Picking colours out of your wallpaper or rugs and then matching this with your dining set will create a seamless and coordinated look.  

But that’s not all...

We have such a wide variety of extending tables and premade sets on our website that would look great in any home. And don’t just take our word for it- check out our Luka Dining Table featured in the Independent's pick of the best extending dining tables. If you would like more information on sizing and styling your set, why not take a look at our handy Dining Chair, Dining Bench and Dining Table pocket guides for all the information you could need.  

Show Us Your Style!

Already have a Danetti dining set that you’d like to show off? We love seeing customer images so why not post a picture on our Facebook and Instagram pages to show us your style. Don’t forget to hashtag #mydanetti!  
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8 Top Tips on How to Furnish a New Build Home: A New Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide
September 18, 2017 at 5:26 pm 0
Image Credit: Louise

Image Credit: Interhouse Design

Buying your first home or moving house is such an exciting, albeit stressful, milestone in life. A new home usually means a new location, a fresh start and, what we’re most interested in, some new stylish furniture.   Having to furnish a new build home can seem a little overwhelming. This is because there is likely to be a lot of space you’ll need to fill. So whether you’re starting from scratch, downsizing, or moving into a bigger space,  we thought we’d offer a helping hand. This post is packed full of our tips and tricks to help you furnish a new build home.  

Firstly, let’s address some of the top mistakes people make furnishing a new build home. These are the ones you’ll want to avoid!

  • Don't Overfill. Just because you’ve got a whole new empty space to work with, doesn’t mean you have to fill, cram and coordinate every space, nook and cranny right away. Start with your investment pieces rather than buying everything in one go (we’ll talk more about this in more depth later), and then you can add any additional, non-essential pieces later on.
  • Don't trust your eye rather than a tape measure. This is never a good idea when choosing your furniture, especially when buying online. Thinking your new sofa and coffee table will fit is very different to knowing that it will, so save yourself the stress and hassle on delivery day by knowing your measurements well before you place your order.
  • Don't be unrealistic. We’ve all done it; seen a gorgeous two-page spread in Elle Decor or Ideal Home, bookmarked the page and dreamed that one day our home would replicate the stylish setting. Although the imagery in the glossy magazines does look flawless, if you try to make your room look like a page in a catalogue it’ll sadly never quite live up to the expectation. That’s not to say a stunning interior setting is impossible. Keep in mind that your new build home is going to be lived in. So although you won’t want it to look messy, you’ll still want it to have a welcoming and inviting feel.
  Now you know what not to do, let’s get stuck in with our 8 top tips on how to furnish a new build home.  

1. Starting Off

The ease and popularity of buying furniture online has dramatically increased. That's why furnishing your new home with all new furniture pieces should no longer be seen as an expensive luxury. There’s so much choice online when it comes to dining room, living room and kitchen furniture. Start by focusing on one room at a time so you don't become too overwhelmed. Then you can start browsing online to see what shapes and styles catch your eye.  
Aver Oak and White Extending and Finn Dining Chair Dining Set

Try to focus on one room at a time so you don't become overwhelmed by the choices available!

Moving house is also the ideal time to think about any additional furniture pieces that will benefit your new space. If you’ve been squeezing everyone around a small dining table, now’s the time to invest in that stylish extending dining set that can offer everyone a seat. If you’ve never had a dining table of your own, there's no better time to find one that’s just right for you and your new space.   TOP TIP: One great way to stay focused on one room at a time is to use Pinterest. This way, you can create a board for each room. It’s also a great way to get an idea of how the pieces you’ve selected will work alongside each other. New to Pinterest? Don’t worry! We have a handy guide for Pinterest beginners that will get you up and pinning no time.  

2. Measure Up

Get to know your space by measuring the area, and if you haven’t moved in just yet, make use of the estate agent’s floor plan to get a better idea of the shape and size of the rooms in your new home. If the layout differs greatly to your current home, that’s when you’ll need to consider furniture that'll suit your space. If you’ve downsized, then your current furniture might no longer fit. And if you’re starting fresh, the furniture world is your oyster! Many online retailers will list the furniture measurements on their website, and there are loads of handy sizing guides available.
Robin 2 Seater Leather Sofa Sizing

Sizing details on our Robin 2 Seater Leather Sofa

  To get a better idea of how your furniture will fit before you move into your space, interior design apps are a great help. Apps such as Planner 5D can be easily downloaded to your iPhone (for free!). You can then size and scale furniture pieces along with the size of the room. This will help you get a feel for how things will look.  
The 2D view is great for creating floor plans and seeing how much space you have to work with.

The 2D view is great for creating floor plans and seeing how much space you have to work with.

The 3D view is where you can try out different colours and styles of furniture pieces.

The 3D view is where you can try out different colours and styles of furniture pieces.

There's a whole host of interior apps that will help you each step of the way of your new home journey. Want to know the best ones? Take a look at our Top 6 Must Have Interior Design Apps.   

3. Don't Buy Everything All At Once

So you have your dream house, you know which room is which and you’ve measured everything (including the door frames). Armed with everything you need,  it can be tempting to go ahead and buy everything at once. However, this is one furniture buying mistake to avoid when furnishing your new home. Buying everything at once is a huge cost in one go. It will also take away your styling focus from each room. This is beacuse you’re looking at multiple pieces and styles throughout your home.
Modern Living Room Furniture from Danetti

Starting with your staple pieces is a great way to start filling your new room. You can add any additional pieces when you have a better idea of the space and style you have to work with.

Not buying everything at once doesn't mean you have to spend the first few months sat eating your dinner on the floor, however.  Focus on your staple and investment pieces first, then all of the sleek accessories can be added later to give your room an even more homely touch.   TOP TIP: One way to make sure you stick to the essentials is to make a note of your budget- and stick to it! Moving home can be an expensive time,  so it’s a good idea to know how much money you have to actually spend on furniture before you set your heart on a sofa and dining set that is way out of your budget. Once you know what you’ve got to work with, then you can start shopping around. If you have any leftover cash, you can then buy those extra pieces on your wish list without any guilt as all the important pieces have been covered.  

4. Start With Your Investment Pieces

The term investment pieces can hold connotations of costing a lot of money, but try to think of your investment pieces as just that- investments, not expenses. A good quality bed, sofa and dining table will provide comfort and seating for your family for years to come. So if you can afford it, it’s a very smart move to spend more on these staple pieces for your new home.  Vital parts of any home, investment pieces will be the furniture that you use the most and keep the longest, so you’ll want to choose something that’ll last.

Dining Sets

Dining sets are definitely up there with the essentials for a new home. A set like the Sanza White Gloss and Loop 5 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench will offer you style, practicality and versatility all in one setting.

  A dining set is definitely one of the investment pieces you’ll want to get right. With so many choices and combinations available, we’ve also written two handy guides to help you choose the perfect dining chair and dining table which you can view (after you’ve finished reading here of course!).    


      A sofa is something that will be used day in, day out. So you’ll want something as comfortable as it is durable. We have a whole variety of sofa sizes in fabric and real leather upholstery; there is sure to be a piece that is right for you and your family!  


Eve Frosted Grey Glass and Matt Grey Sideboard

Sideboards are a great way to use a space for both styling and storage, like with our Eve Frosted Grey Glass and Matt Grey Sideboard

A sideboard is such a versatile piece of furniture. This is because it can be used for both styling and storage in a variety of rooms. If you think you’ll be a little pushed for space, consider a compact sideboard as this will still offer a storage space that keeps items out of sight, without taking up too much space.


5. Make the Most of Your Space, Inexpensively

Make the most of your new living room by choosing a side table set that can be stacked when not in use. Or, consider a set that doubles up as a table and stool to offer a handy extra seat.
Tiva Coffee Table Set

The Tiva Coffee Table Set can be arranged to suit your needs

Our Tiva Coffee Table Set can be separated and styled to suit your space, and then stacked again when not in use making it great for a versatile living area.   The Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set doubles up as side table and stool which can be used as a footrest, surface for drinks and even a handy extra seat.  

Make the most of your new space with an extending dining table. Sets like the Metro Grey Gloss and Finn Extending will mean that there's plenty of room for guests to pull up a seat during your house warming!

The Metro grey gloss dining table can extend from a four-seater all the way up to a ten-seater dining table.  Save space with this table too, as the table extensions are stored within the table top.  

6. Tie Everything Together With Colour

Starting out with a blank canvas such as a new home doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything matching to coordinate your space. One great way to tie your room together is through your use of colour. So if you already have a sofa but now have the space for a coffee table, consider your materials and colour scheme. This will help to seamlessly combine the pieces together.  
Create a welcoming living room setting by using real leathers and warm walnut finishes.

Create a welcoming living room setting by using real leathers and warm walnut finishes.

  Here we’ve coordinated the Duo Walnut Side Table and Graphite Grey Stool Set with the Halo Walnut Coffee Table. The grey leather stool also coordinates with the grey Dillon sofa (even though the greys are a slightly different shade). This is a great example of how you can tie different furniture together with the use of textures and colours.    
Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

Add a splash of colour to your dining room with chairs like the Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

  Many new builds will have a very neutral interior. So if you want to inject some colour into your space but don’t have the time or money to go all out on your decor, be clever with your furniture choice colours, such as colourful dining chairs or a bold coloured sofa set. Colourful dining chairs, like our Riva range, are a great way to add a stylish pop of colour to your new dining area.  
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa

You colour choice of sofa can have a big style impact on the rest of your living room.

The neutral scheme of many new build homes is a great opportunity to be bold with your colour choices. Our Luxe sofa in mustard yellow is a great example of how to inject some colour into a more neutral space. With our free swatch sample service, it’s easy to order a couple of samples to get a flavour for your colour palette and material choices.  

7. Get Inspiration From Other New Homeowners

The glossy interior magazines do look stunning. However, sometimes the best styling inspiration can come from real homes. There's a whole community of new homeowners sharing their design journey on social media platforms such as Instagram and Houzz, so be sure to follow people in the community. #newhome, #newbuild and #firsttimebuyer are great hashtags to get started. Then you'll start to discover accounts that you love! You can also use the platforms to ask questions and even share some of your own knowledge. This can be invaluable when moving into a new home.  
Danetti Instagram New Build Hashtag

Start off by searching for relevant hashtags. This way you'll find relevant accounts and people to follow.

  Along with sharing the journey, many people like to showcase the finished look! We ask our customers to use #mydanetti when they snap their homes so we can see the finished results. Here are a couple of our favourite customer images, but remember, you can view loads more if you search #mydanetti on both Facebook and Instagram.  
Louise has really made the most of this stunning open plan kitchen and dining area with the Elise Bar Stools, Santo Dining Chairs and Zen Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table.

Louise has really made the most of this stunning open plan kitchen and dining area. Here she has styled the Elise Bar Stools, Santo Dining Chairs and Zen Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table.


Michaela has truly perfected a modern loft living look with the help of our Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Table!

Here Pip has shown how you coordinate the right way! Matching our Form Cantilever Dining Chairs with the Elise Bar Stools and Fern Grey Gloss Dining Table is definitely a winning combination.

Here Pip has shown how you coordinate the right way! Matching our Form Cantilever Dining Chairs with the Elise Bar Stools and Fern Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table is definitely a winning combination.

8. Be Smart With Your Delivery

The ease of buying online is accompanied with another great factor- delivery services. Rather than trying to up end your sofa in the back of your car, at the click of a button you can have your new furniture delivered right to your new front door. From next day delivery to fully trackable orders, we’ve made sure that getting your goods to you is as easy as possible. Make sure you check the delivery process when you’re buying online so you know what to expect. All of our delivery info can be found here.   So there you have it, 8 top tips on how to furnish a new build home. We’ve covered a fair amount, so here’s the final takeaways and key things to remember…
  • Don’t overfill your space
  • Know your measurements
  • Be realistic with what you can create
  • Consider your investment pieces first
  • Know your budget before you start shopping
  • Try to focus on one room at a time
  • Don't buy everything all at once
  • Solve practical problems inexpensively
  • Tie everything together with colour
  • Take inspriation from other new home owners
  • Connect with others on social
  • Be ready for your delivery
  And most importantly- have fun! Moving into a new home does have its worries and stresses, but make sure you take a moment to think of the home you’re creating for you and your family; it’s a space to make new memories during mealtimes, Christmas dinners, and snuggling up on the sofa.   We hope this post gives you a bit more guidance on how to furnish a new build home. If you have any questions or have just moved and want to share some of your new build experiences, be sure to let us know in the comments.  

Show Us Your Style!

We love seeing how our customers set up and style their Danetti pieces in their home. If you’ve just moved and furnished your new place with some Danetti flair, be sure to share a picture on Facebook and Instagram with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page!  
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How to Choose the Right Bar Stool for Your Home
August 4, 2017 at 11:22 am 0

Danetti Bar Stools

A staple seating choice in many kitchens and dining room interiors, a bar stool is no longer just a seat you'll find tucked around the bar at your local pub!

  Taller than your average chair, bar stools often have adjustable heights and a footrest to support your feet when seated. The height and narrow shape of bar stool seating have made them ideal for use at bars and at high tables in pubs, but in recent years bar stools have increasingly found a place in the home, generally around a kitchen island, counter or a home bar. Wooden and metal bar stools, stainless steel and chrome styles, and adjustable height features are all very popular, so there are plenty of shapes and designs of bar stools to choose from. So whether you’re wondering how to style a bar stool in your home, what bar stool height is right for your counter or whether to have a fixed height or gas lift seat, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post, along with our handy Bar Stool Pocket Guide, is packed full of bar stool sizing and styling tips. So sit back and relax as we guide you on how to find the perfect bar stool for your home.

What's the Right Size Bar Stool for My Kitchen?

First things first; measurements. You could find the comfiest bar stool but if it doesn’t fit, then it’s not going to be right for your home. So when it comes to bar stool sizing, there are a couple of key measurements to consider:
  • 1) Height (we’ll talk about fixed and gas lift later)
  • 2) Seat width (from side to side)
  • 3) Seat height (this is from the floor to the top of the seat)
  • 4) Seat depth (the back to the front)
  • 5) Back height (so the height of the backrest)
  • 6) Footprint (how much room the base of the stool occupies)

Curva Bar Stool, £149

  If you’re buying a bar stool online, most websites will list all of these vital measurements. However, if there are any missing there’s no harm in ringing up and finding out. It’s best to know your sizing before hand than ordering a bar stool that doesn’t fit! Top Tip: As a general rule, it’s best to allow about 15 cm between bar stools for a comfortable seating arrangement. If the stools swivel, you’ll need a little more space for the seat to rotate. It’s also a good idea to consider how often you’ll be using the stools. Will it be for everyday dining or special occasions and drinks with friends? This will help you decide what type of bar stool you need.  

What’s the Difference Between Counter Height and Bar Height Bar Stools?

There are two main bar stool heights: counter height and bar height. Do check these measurements because they are different. A counter height stool is more suited to a kitchen worktop counter and is generally 58cm - 71cm from the floor to the seat. This sizing means it should be used with a surface that is between 88cm - 93cm high. On the other hand, bar height refers to higher bar areas. A stool of this size is generally 73cm - 81cm from the floor to the seat. This should be used with a surface that is between 104cm -109cm high.  

Fixed Height, Gas Lift or Cantilever?


Fixed Height Elise Barstool, Fondi Gaslift Barstool, Black Chrome Form Cantilever Bar Stool

  There’s really no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a fixed height, gas lift or cantilever bar stool, it’s more about what works best for you and your setting. A gas lift offers a bit more flexibility while a fixed height stool will help keep your space looking uniform. A cantilever stool is something a little bit different and will instantly add a contemporary vibe to your room. Here’s a quick run down of the features and benefits of each.

Gas Lift Bar Stool

The main benefit of a gas lift bar stool is its adjustability. You’re not set at one height so you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to matching up with counter heights. A gas lift mechanism also means that the individual sat on the stool can adjust the seat to suit them.  

Serroni Trendy Gas Lift Barstool, £139

  Top Tip: Gas lift bar stools are usually on a pedestal base. Remember to account for the stools footprint when you are planning out your space, as some have a wider bottom half.  

Fixed Height Bar Stool

A fixed height stool does what it says on the tin: it’ll always be at a fixed position. This can be really beneficial if you can find a stool that matches your counter height, as you’ll have a seat that’s always at the optimum height and a comfortable position. Generally more lightweight than gas lift bar stools, a fixed height stool is also much easier to move and reposition around your breakfast bar or in your dining area.

Teora Bar Stool, £99

  Top Tip: If you're sure you don't need the function and you are conscious of a budget, save yourself a few pounds and stick to a fixed height rather than gas lift stool.  

Cantilever Bar Stool

Okay so cantilever bar stools technically come under fixed height stools, but we thought this seat deserved a special mention. Unlike a fixed height bar stool, a cantilever base will provide a gentle bounce when seated. It’s not as much movement as a gas lift, but it’s enough to add an extra bit of comfort. A cantilever stool is great for opening up the area around your breakfast bar, so consider this if you’d like to create a really clean and spacious look. This is because cantilever stools have less of a visual impact so free up lots more space.  

Form Chrome Barstool, £89

  Top Tip: A stool with a flat front, such as our Form Chrome Bar Stool, can sit close to the panel of a breakfast bar when not in use, keeping the area looking effortlessly sleek and neat.

What Style of Bar Stool Should I Choose?

With so many different shapes and styles of bar stool available, you really will be spoilt for choice! To make your selection a bit easier, we’ve done the edit on a variety of bar stool styles:


A bar stool with armrests will offer that extra bit of support when seated. It also offers a more encompassing seat sit that is super supportive. Often bar stools with armrests have a deep seat which creates such a generous and luxurious feel. This will allow friends and family to sit comfortably on your bar stools for even longer.  

Savina Chrome Gas Lift Barstool, £179

Back and Backless

A backless bar stool can neatly be tucked under your counter or breakfast bar making it a great space saver. A backless seat will also have less of a visual impact in your room. If you’re after more support, a bar stool with a backrest of 30cm or more is ideal for lumbar support and added comfort.  

Form Black Chrome Barstool with Back Rest, £169

Anzio Gas Lift Blackless Barstool, £139 


A bar stool with a footrest will offer that extra bit of help getting onto the stool and will also provide a place to comfortably rest your feet when seated. There are loads of different styles available so it’s best to think about what will work within your interior.  

What Material Bar Stool Should I Choose?

Faux leather Bar Stool

Easy to clean and maintain, faux leather bar stools are usually available in a whole variety of colours. Faux leather is a little lighter on the purse than real leather so this might be a better option if you’re updating your home on a budget.  

Neat Stitch Detail on the Form Chrome Barstool, £89

  GREAT FOR - easy cleaning and everyday use. Faux leather is a really popular material choice as it’s ideal for seating that’s used every day. HOW TO CLEAN - Use a damp microfibre cloth and a mild detergent such as washing up liquid. Regular cleaning will help to prevent a buildup of surface marks.  

A Real Leather Bar Stool   

You’ll really feel the difference when you’re sat in a real leather bar stool, and it’s strength and durability means that it has great longevity. What’s more, this stunning material actually gets better with age.  

Monti Real Leather Barstool, £169  

  GREAT FOR - style and longevity. At a slightly higher price point, a real leather bar stool is an investment piece. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen and want to create a “heart of the home” kind of feel, it’s definitely worth buying the best you can afford. HOW TO CLEAN - Use an absorbent cloth or sponge to wipe the affected areas. If you really want to give your leather some TLC, it’s worth investing in a leather maintenance kit which will look after the leather before, during and after cleaning.

A Plastic Bar Stool

Perfect for families, a plastic bar stool is so easy to wipe clean. Plastic bar stools are usually available in a range of colours so are a great opportunity to inject some colour into your space.  

Finn Bar Stool 

  GREAT FOR - Hygiene for families. Most plastic bar stools can withstand the use of harsher chemical based cleaners such as bleach, making plastic stools perfect for quick and easy clean ups after busy family mealtimes. HOW TO CLEAN - Mild household cleaning sprays, furniture wipes, or even baby wipes are fine to use on plastic bar stools. After cleaning, dry your plastic chairs thoroughly to avoid having to deal with stubborn water marks  

Oak Bar Stool

An oak bar stool has such a wonderfully warm and tactile quality and is ideal for adding a really welcoming and homely feel around your breakfast bar.   "<yoastmark

Oak Barstool, £79

  GREAT FOR - Adding an element of texture to a modern kitchen or coordinating with a slightly more traditional or Scandi inspired design. HOW TO CLEAN -  A regular light dusting with a soft cloth will remove any dust or bits caused by everyday use. When it comes to cleaning,  wipe up any marks immediately with a soft slightly dampened cloth. We advise that you don’t use household cleaning products unless they are specifically designed for use on real oak furniture, as they can potentially damage the wonderfully smooth surface of the oak.

What Material Base Should I Choose?

Chrome Bar Stool

A chrome bar stool will add a really modern and contemporary feel to your space, due to its bright and reflective quality.  

Form Chrome Barstool, £89


GREAT FOR - creating a really modern and bright look. If you have chrome finishes in your kitchen or dining chairs, it’s great to tie all the elements together for clean and coordinated look.

HOW TO CLEAN - Use soap and water on a soft cloth. You can always add a splash of vinegar to give your cleaning an extra boost. Don't use abrasive cleaners on your chrome bar stools as any scratches caused can potentially expose the material to the air and cause rusting.


Brushed Metal Bar Stool

Slightly more subtle than chrome, a brushed metal stool will provide a great coordinating feature, helping to create a seamless and contemporary vibe throughout your kitchen or dining area.    

Fondi Brushed Steel Barstool, £139

    GREAT FOR - Coordinating with brushed elements in your kitchen. The matt surface of brushed metal is a little easier to maintain than chrome as it won’t show up fingerprints as easily. HOW TO CLEAN - For every day cleaning and non-stubborn marks, you can simply use some hot (not boiling) water and a cloth or sponge to wipe over your stainless steel furniture. You can always add a little bit of washing up liquid if you cleaning needs and extra boost. Stay away from oven cleaners or products that contain chloride as this will damage the surface.  

Black Chrome Bar Stool

A dark luxe take on a regular chrome finish, black chrome has such a luxurious and almost mysterious quality about it. Opt for black chrome if you’re after a more subtle alternative to silver chrome or if you want to create a really on trend look.   

Elise Black Chrome Barstool, £129

  GREAT FOR - creating something a little bit different. Black chrome is a great choice if you don’t want a completely matched up look, or you if you already have too many other finishes to try and coordinate with. HOW TO CLEAN - Use soap and water on a soft cloth and if the mark still doesn’t go away, we suggest using a splash of vinegar to give your cleaning that extra boost. Waxing chrome after a good clean is also very useful if you want to keep its high shine for even longer.  

So there you have it, a complete guide on how to choose the right bar stool for you home.

  Not all bar stool’ed out just yet? Great! Now you know all the insider info on how to choose the perfect seat, why not head over to our website and see what great bar stool varieties we have to offer. If you’d like to print our bar stool sizing tips, you can also view our Bar Stool Pocket Guide. Want to read more Danetti Guides? we also have a handy How To Guide on Choosing Your Perfect Dining Bench.

Show us your home!

Now you know how to choose the perfect bar stool, we’d love to see the results! Whether you’ve long since been a fan of bar stool seating, or are having a mini home makeover, tag us in your pics on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Don't forget to use #mydanetti.  
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Material Spotlight: HPL
August 8, 2016 at 4:52 pm 0
  Have you ever wondered what goes into making your dining table top? Chances are, probably not. But it’s a lot more useful to know than you may think! Knowing what materials make up your dining table is an invaluable piece of information that will help you in choosing whether the product is right for your homeOur featured material this week is HPL. HPL is a cutting edge, technical material with some amazing durability pointsIt is used for a whole variety of finishes such as countertops, tabletops and flooring as its durable qualities mean it can withstand continued everyday use. That’s why we’ve engineered this great finish for a furniture application. HPL has a naturally matt appearance which means it looks sleek and smooth. Yet, its hard wearing characteristics make it a truly high-performance surface material for the home.  

How is HPL made?

  1. Multiple layers of kraft paper are saturated with a specialist resin.
  2. A decorative film layer (such as a solid colour or wood grain) is placed on top of the kraft paper before pressing. This creates a sandwich effect which is fused together using extreme heat (that’s temperatures of 280 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit!) under 70 to 100 bars of pressure.
  3. A clear protective overlay is then used for maximum protection.
High Pressure Laminate HPL

What does it look like?

The creation process of HPL results in a smooth satin matt finish. It doesn’t have a reflective shine but it’s not fully flat matt, so it still has a wonderfully light and tactile feel.

How durable is it?

HPL is a descendant of plastic making it one of the most durable decorative surface materials for the home. High pressure surfaces are also available with special performance enhancing properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. All of these qualities mean HPL is perfect for those messy family mealtimes, special occasions and big get togethers where there's a lot going on on and around the table. Other finishes such as matt and gloss are fit for everyday use. However, the extensive creation process of HPL means it is even more strong, durable and resistant to scratching. Used in science rooms and schhigh-pressures, a high pressure surface will have no trouble standing up to everyday use in your home!

How do I clean it?

HPL can withstand a variety of common household chemicals such as washing-up liquid or antibacterial spray making it so easy to clean and maintain.  Although incredibly durable, we advise with HPL that you stay away from corrosive chemicals such as descaling agents, oven cleaners, chlorine and acetone. Try to remove these straight away if they spill on the table's surface. When cleaning your HPL table, never use a steel scourer, scourer pad, souring agent or similar products as this can scratch the surface. A soft microfiber cloth will do just the trick.

How do I use it?

As with all of our dining tables, we advise that you never place hot pots or pans directly on a HPL worktop without a trivet or stand, as this can damage the table surface over time. It goes without saying, but never pull an object with rough or ragged edges across the worktop. If your HPL table has an extension leaf, clean the leaf along with the rest of the table to keep it looking neat and uniform. Make sure that the leaf is fully dried before you store it away or place it back in the cradle.

Why choose HPL?

Consider the following points to see whether a high-pressure surface would be a benefit in your home:
  • HPL is strong, smart and durable.
  • It has a slight subtle sheen but isn’t highly reflective, making it a great alternative to a high gloss finish.
  • It’s such a neutral finish which coordinates with a whole variety of other pieces.
  • It’s much more scratch resistant than many other materials.
  • It is heat resistant (to an extent).
  • You also get a colour fastness under artificial lighting.
  • HPL is resistant to household cleaning products and even some chemicals.
  • It is also resistant to cracking.
  • To an extent, HPL is also impact and abrasion resistant.
  • When looked after correctly, HPL is a really hygienic surface.
  So there you have it. Everything you need to know about HPL. Have a question? Ask it in the comments! :)    If you're interested in finding out more about other material finishes, be sure to take a look at Our Top Tips on How To Properly Care for Faux Leather.