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2018 Interior Trends – How to do Warm Neutrals
May 18, 2018 at 3:48 pm 0
For the past few years, Grey has been the colour of choice for all of our interiors. However, we all know that trends come and go, and this year we are seeing a shift towards Neutrals. Grey still has a place in our homes, but now with undertones of taupes and creams. These earthy tones are richer, deeper and allow you to be more adventurous with your interior colour schemes. Take a look at our styling suggestions for each room in your home. From furniture to wallpaper to paint colours, you'll be updating your home with warm neutrals in no time at all.  

Neutrals in the Kitchen

  For most of us, the kitchen will probably be the most expensive purchase we make for our homes. Most of us won't be in the position to update it every time trends change! Which is why it's always wise to stick to a neutral colour pallet for those longer lasting purchases. Think stone coloured doors with wooden worktops... timeless!   That said, there are a few small cost-effective home updates for your kitchen that you can update with the changing seasons. But let's start with the basics...     Neutrals are great for the kitchen, as the majority of textures and materials which are used for kitchens sit very well in a neutral colour palette. Grey gloss and Oak is a perfect combination as the coolness of the grey is balanced by the warmness of the wood. But be sure to choose a grey with an earthy tone, rather than a blue tone as this can look a bit too cool.   Our Cross Grey Gloss and Oak dining table is the perfect partner to your grey gloss kitchen. Pair with the Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey for a modern touch. Update your kitchen cupboard handles to chrome and play with marble textures to bring this look to life. It's these small details which will give your kitchen that interior designer edge.  

Stylists Tip: For extra kitchen storage, choose a simple grey gloss sideboard, such as our Lexi sideboard to keep the look clean and modern. Top it off with a cool wallpaper in an oatmeal shade to create a real focal point in your dining area.

Get the Look:


Cross 4 Seater Dining Table in Grey Gloss and Oak


Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey


Lexi Sideboard in Grey Gloss


Neutrals in the Living Room

  Our living rooms tend to be where we relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Because of this, calming colours are best suited to areas of relaxation as they exude that calming vibe. Pairing neutral shades with a blush pink and brushed brass creates an elegant and stylish interior. As with our kitchens, sofas are also an investment piece of furniture, so by choosing this is a neutral colour will ensure longevity.     You can then update the more cost-effective items, such as side tables and coffee tables inline with current interior design trends. That way, your home is always bang on trend without breaking the bank! We think the warm Parchment real leather of our Ellis range sits perfectly with our new Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush. Pair with the Brass Ripple Coffee Table and a bold wallpaper for a feminine, neutral interior.  

Stylists Tip: If you want to great a more colourful look, but still in keeping with a neutral theme, try adding muted shades of green. The green and pink are a great colour combination, very on trend, but by selecting a more muted shade, the colour won't feel too overpowering. In turn, you've got a soothing neutral interior with a bit more depth and personality. 


Plaza Velvet Stool in Sapphire


Wallpaper from Graham Brown

  For more masculine interiors, swap blush for navy blue. Try our Sapphire Velvet Plaza Stool and a strong geometric wallpaper. Keep a touch of brass within the wallpaper for that luxe feel.  

Get the Look


Ellis Sofa in Parchment


Flamingo Wallpaper from Freathr


Ripple Coffee Table in Gold


Blush Plaza Velvet Stool


Neutrals in the Home Office

  Finally, we come to the home office. If you have the luxury of a dedicated home office, you can afford to get a little more creative by designing an individual and unique scheme. However, if you have a compact workspace tucked away in a corner, these neutrals will sit well in any existing interiors.     For this look, we are continuing with natural wood, but balancing the cool, scandi vibe with a rich Cashmere real leather. Balancing washed out woods with rich chocolate tones adds texture and keeps the overall look warmer. Warm neutrals are great for home office spaces as they promote concentration and productivity.  

Stylists Tip: Choose a playful wallpaper with subtle tones to keep the space interesting. Use different metallic finishes for a sleek, modern style. Balancing out warm neutrals with heather based colours will help to warm up and greys or earthy tones.

    Dulux's Colour of the year 2018, Heartwood, is a perfect pairing to neutral shades as its earthy base helps pull out the lilac tones in your other furnishings. Find out more about Heartwood right here.  

Get the Look


Scandi Natural Ash Desk


Stylo Dining Chair in Taupe Grey


Serin Occasional Chair in Cashmere


Flo Wallpaper from Feathr

  By now, you should have a solid idea on how to use new, warming neutrals in your existing interiors. Remember, if you still want to use grey rather than natural colours, be sure to pick a warmer shade to keep your home cosy and on trend. If you decide to re-decorate or re-furnish your home with these tips in mind, be sure to tag us!   Tag us by using #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to show off your Danetti Neutral Style!  
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Julia Kendell – 2018 Must Have Interior Metallics
May 11, 2018 at 4:51 pm 0

Any designer will tell you, it's the quality of materials that make an interiors scheme. Whether a simple design, quirky, classic or contemporary, the surface details must be of the highest finish for the overall effect to look well considered.  This year, the vibe is all about combining luxurious materials such as marble, polished glass and unpolished natural wood with eye-catching, matt metals.


Both brushed steel and matt brass/gold are big news and dominate kitchen trends for 2018. The subtlety of the matt metallic finish exudes an understated elegance whilst the reflective qualities of the metals lift and brighten the look. It's a perfect combination and this palette ensures a room will look both stylish and welcoming.


When planning a room update, detail is key and my top tip is to think about what will draw your eye in the room. Any strong colour or heavy pattern will attract attention first.


So to achieve a good balance within the space, plan the material finishes with this in mind. For example, a colourful backsplash can create a dramatic effect. But if the colour isn’t used in other places around the room, the eye will ‘stop’ at the backsplash allowing it to dominate the scheme and create an imbalance overall.


If you are planning a marble-clad island and want this to be the ‘hero’ of the design, ensure none of the other elements dilute or drown out its appeal. With beautiful, good quality materials, the ‘less is more’ approach wins out.

Form Stainless Steel Barstool Range


Often the best interiors, and those easiest to live with, are the simplest where each piece has both a function and contributes to the overall aesthetic. The Form Barstool has been designed with quality of finish very much in mind and the new stainless steel cantilever base perfectly complements this year’s materials palette.

      Whether set against a dark granite, timber veneer, luscious marble or glossy colour, the steel and leather-effect surface materials will stylishly enhance the look.    

Julia’s Tips for Updating a Kitchen

  1. Consider the ‘balance’ of the room, what materials will dominate and draw the eye. Are these the areas you want to draw attention to?
  2. Every surface material should complement and enhance the rest as a complete palette of tone, pattern and texture.
  3. Using the ‘less is more’ approach, choose the best quality you can afford for fewer pieces to ensure a quality overall look.
  4. Add in matt metallics to tap into this year’s trend and add life and energy to the scheme.
  5. As with any room design, lighting is key to ensuring the fixtures and furnishings look their best. Use several circuits to produce a flexible lighting scheme for all occasions.
    Keep your eyes peeled for new colourways and textures of our Julia Kendell Collection coming soon. To stay up to date, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for behind the scenes sneak peeks! Follow Julia's new blog, The Relaxed Home, for more on her latest projects and Interior Design updates.
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Inspiring Garden Ideas – 3 Steps to an Ibiza Style Garden
April 20, 2018 at 4:18 pm 0
It is finally starting to feel like spring! There's no time like the present to get your garden sorted for summer, so you can really make the most of every second of sunshine. But with so many different variations of garden style, how do you know what you want? We're here to help guide you to your dream contemporary garden with a mini-series of inspiring garden ideas. Starting with Ibiza Style.  

Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table

  When you think of Ibiza Gardens, you think crisp, white render, azure blue oceans and cloudless skies. Safe to say good old Blighty is not that. Although, with a bit of creativity and know-how, creating your own modern, white Ibiza Style garden is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

1. Colour

The key to creating a modern Ibiza garden is the minimal colour palette. Based in predominantly white settings and with a simple palette of natural woods, fresh greenery and blue skies, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate in the UK. However, put your own spin on things by playing with the levels of colour.  

Ibiza Style - Pinterest


Palermo Corner Bench, Fresco 6 Seater Garden Dining Table and Edie Garden Chair, all in White.

  For example, Ibiza villas tend to have courtyards covered in white render, balanced with natural wood furniture and potted plants. On the other hand, we tend to have luscious green gardens with wooden decking the occasional white wall or fence. Same colour palette, just different quantities.  

Palermo 6 Seater White Garden Dining Table and Skye Dining Chairs in Aqua, Slate Grey and White

  If you wanted to create an Ibiza style in your garden, be sure to choose white garden furniture. The Palermo and Skye 6 seater garden dining set is perfect for this, as the all-white colour palette works well with your existing green gardens. In turn, this creates that effortless Ibiza look.  

Palermo 2-4 Seater Garden Dining Table with Aqua Lola Garden Dining Chair

  Alternatively, for contemporary garden ideas for small gardens, take a look at the Palermo 2-4 Seater with Aqua Lola Dining Chairs. The same effect will be created, just on a smaller scale. What's more, the rich blue of the Lola garden chair mimics the colour of the Mediterranean sea, reaffirming that cool, Ibiza style.  

2. Mood

It is no secret that Ibiza is the party capital of the world. But did you know Ibiza also has some of the best chill-out zones, too? This is why creating that Ibiza feel in your garden will make it or break it. You can achieve this simply by zoning your garden space. If you have the luxury of a large garden, you can create a garden dining area as well as a relaxing chill-out space. To create that informal style, play around with your seating options.  

Palermo 6 Seater Garden Dining Table with 3 Seater Palermo Garden Benches

  Rather than choosing garden dining chairs, opt for a garden dining bench to allow for more flexibility with your seating options. This also gives the freedom to squeeze a few extra bums on the seats if needed. By doubling up on your benches this also creates a relaxed vibe, idea for those Ibiza nights. For the chill-out zone, our Palermo Corner Bench with coordinating coffee table is the ideal setting for chilled summer evenings.  

Palermo Corner Bench with Coffee Table


Ibiza Chill-Out Space - Pinterest

  If you've not got the space to have 2 separate zones, no problem! Our garden range is crafted with an aluminium base, making it very light and easy to move around. For meal times, sit your table up against your corner bench. Then, when you want to relax in the sun, simply move your table aside and enjoy the space.  

3. Personality

The final ingredient to Ibiza Style Gardens is personality. Although the colour palette may be seen as clinical and modern, you will never see an Ibiza garden looking cold and stark.  

White Palermo Corner Garden Bench

  Play around with texture by adding cushions, rugs, and your favourite tableware to stamp your garden with your own, personal style. Stick to a complementary colour palette, by introducing pops of green and extra white highlights for a true party feel. Add candles and festoon lighting to keep the evenings cosy. And give your guests chunky throws for when the temperature drops.  

Ibiza Evening via Pinterest


Palermo Dining Bench and Table Detail

  It's all of these little details that will really bring our outdoor space to life. Show us you Garden Style by tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to check out our full range of contemporary garden furniture over at danetti.com.
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Cost Effective Spring 2018 Home Interior Updates under £150
April 6, 2018 at 3:28 pm 0
Spring is finally in sight! After what has felt like the longest and darkest winter ever, it's time to brush off the cobwebs, rearrange the furniture and get ready for summer!     However, if you're still recovering from Christmas (and a couple of long months), you may not be in the position to re-furnish your entire home. That's not a problem! Take a look at our favourite cost-effective spring home updates, all under £150. Meaning you can add that splash of much-needed colour and style to make your home feel like new.  

Dining Chairs from £29

One of the quickest and inexpensive home updates is to change up your dining chairs. Dining chairs are a great way to add style, colour and personality to your home, be it in a specific dining room, or in a cosy, open plan kitchen. For spring home updates, try introducing colour into your dining chairs, such as our Zilo range:  

Zilo Dining Chair in Lime Green

  This hardwearing fabric dining chair has a sleek, black powder coated slim leg, with a range of 5 rich colours to choose from. Plus, starting at just £98 for a pair, a very cost-effective way to inject summer vibes into your home!  

Finn Dining Chair in Mustard

  Alternatively, if you prefer plastic dining furniture take a look at our Finn Range. Plastic is a great material for dining furniture, as it's really simple to clean. This makes it ideal for young families and you can usually find a wide array of colours.  

Finn Range Swatches

    Finn dining armchair. Eames inspired dining chair.

Finn Dining Armchair in Teal

  Our Finn range consists of dining chairs and armchairs, as well as our new Finn Barstool. Mix and match your favourite colours for a bright and personal style, or stick to a minimal colour pallet for a subtle style.  

Dining Tables under £150

Typically your dining table will be one of your most expensive furniture purchases, as we tend to invest in larger furniture pieces. However, if you've got a tight home improvement budget, we have a couple of modern options which are perfect for you. If you're a first-time buyer or after something a little lighter, we have a great selection of dining tables under £150.  

Zilo 6 Seater Glass Dining Table

  The Zilo Glass Dining Table is the perfect partner for our Zilo Dining Chairs, and at just £149, a wise choice too. The minimal design means this table is suitable for all modern interiors and works well with all existing furniture.  

Naro Glass 2 Seater Dining Table

  On the other hand, if space is at a premium, why not check out a more compact round 2 seater dining table.  The Naro is a great choice for first-time buyers or those in rented accommodation. The combination of the tempered glass top and chrome pedestal help to brighten your space, avoiding any unwanted dark corners.  

Living Room Updates from £89

We all know that Sofas are the one piece of furniture we buy to last. However, there's nothing to stop you updating your living space in-line with current interior design trends. New side tables or coffee tables are a great way to refresh your home for spring- without breaking the bank!  

Acute Matt Grey and Black Powder Coated Side Table

  The Acute range consists of 2 different size Coffee Tables, Side Tables and Console Tables. This allows you the flexibility to mix and match to create your ideal living space. What's more, with 4 different finishes and prices starting from just £89, it's an easy decision to make.  

Acute Square Coffee Table - Combine 2 tables for a larger coffee table, with the flexibility to move as and when.

  Alternatively, if you're looking for quick and simple weekend home improvement projects, why not look at painting a feature wall to tie in with your new side tables?  

Pebble Side Tables in Teal

  Take the Pebble Side Tables, for example. The modern pop of colour works great on its own. However, paint a feature wall or choose a statement wallpaper, and you have pretty much a whole new room! We love Cole and Sons 'Hicks' Hexagon' with the Teal pebble side tables. A subtle metallic with a touch of teal help creates an interior designed feel, without a full room overhaul.  

Statement Wallpaper from Cole and Sons


Console Tables under £150

Our final recommendation for cost-effective interior updates is the Tiva Console Table. Much like the Naro Dining Table we featured above, the glass and chrome combination gives the illusion of space.  

Tiva Glass and Chrome Console Table

  For just £139, introducing a new console table to your hallway, living room or even bedroom will give you a handy extra surface and ensure your home feels considered and tied together. The versatility of a console table means you can use it for just about anything, while its compact shape means it will sit in even the most awkward of spaces.  

How to update your home for spring on a budget

Just to recap, if you're looking to give your home a spring update, these are the cost-effective furniture pieces you want to look out for:  
  • Dining Chairs - These bring colour and personality to your kitchen. Plastic dining chairs are a great, low-cost choice for families, while fabric dining chairs bring depth and texture.
  • Dining Tables - If you're pressed for space and want to furnish your home on a budget, our Glass Dining Tables allow light to flood through your room, creating a stylish space without costing an arm and a leg.
  • Coffee and Side Tables - You can add a modern look to your home simply by refreshing your living room furniture. Remember, adding colourful furniture to match statement walls will create a considered interior worthy of the pages of your favourite interior magazines.
  • Console Tables - These versatile pieces are great in any room of your house. Style as a minimal dressing table, or place in the hallway for an extra surface to prop.
  Don't forget to share your Danetti Spring home updated with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us with #mydanetti!
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High Gloss or Wood Veneer? How to Choose the Right Finish for your Furniture
March 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm 0

Assi Walnut and Moda Dining Set

  Buying that new piece of furniture is a very exciting time. Browsing through Pinterest and creating boards of your dream home is a great way to narrow down your search and define your style. But with so many styles and finishes out there, how do you whittle it down to that final piece? We are here to help. Two of our most popular furniture finishes here at Danetti are our high gloss and wood veneer furniture. So we've written a few quick, easy to digest pointers on high gloss furniture and wood veneer furniture, to help you decide which is right for your home.

High Gloss or Wood Veneer?

Before you go head first into making your new furniture purchase, make sure you know what your new product will be used for. Families will need a harder wearing item, whereas first-time buyers can afford to choose a more delicate, stylish look. To make this easy, we're going to be looking at out Assi Range. A collection on Extending Dining Tables and co-ordinating Sideboards available in White Gloss, White and Grey Gloss or Walnut Wood Veneer.  

Assi White and Grey Gloss Extending Dining Table with Danni Dining Chair in Charcoal Grey Leather


High Gloss Furniture

  • Super modern and clean look
  • Sits well in all interior styles
  • Brightens up your home
  • Simple clean with a damp cloth is all that's needed
Need to Know
  • Coasters and Placemats are recommended to protect the high gloss finish
  • Leaving spillages may cause discolouration if not cleaned up quickly
  • Small scratches can appear if not protected from day to day use

Assi White Gloss Extending Dining Table with Danni in White Leather 


When to Choose High Gloss Furniture:

  • If you have a Modern, bright and minimal home
  • If you want to use colour but keep your large furniture simple
  • If you're a first-time buyer and still discovering your style
  • If you have a smaller space, as the reflective nature will make the room appear larger
  • If you want a clean look to your home

How to Style White Gloss Furniture

White High Gloss Dining furniture is a great option for any home. The 'blank canvas' of a white dining table means you can play around with an array of textures, colours and interior trends. However, for this post, we've created an inky blue look with lighter elements:  

We've teamed white high gloss with a variety of blue shades, a trendy palm print wallpaper and pops of copper.

  Inky tones are a huge interior design trend at the moment. However, when used sparingly with white gloss, you can create a stylish look without your home feeling too dark and moody. The copper highlight help brings a luxe touch, while the palm print adds personality.

Stylist Top Tip: Balance a high white gloss with dark grey dining chairs. This will create contrast and an interior designer touch

Get the Look:


Assi White & Grey Gloss Dining Table


Danni Real Leather Charcoal Grey Dining Chairs


Assi White Gloss and Grey Compact Sideboard


High Gloss Cleaning Tips:

  • Dust daily with a clean, microfibre cloth
  • Mop up any spillages as soon as they happen to prevent staining
  • For tougher marks, warm soapy water and a clean dishcloth is all that's needed. Be sure to dry any water straight away with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Assi Walnut Extending Dining Table


Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Hardwearing and low maintenance
  • Brings texture and warmth to your interiors
  • More affordable than real wood furniture
Need to Know:
  • Avoid any harsh chemical cleaners
  • Use coasters and placemats- this will prevent any unsightly mug rings.
  • Wipe up any spills quickly, as water left sitting on the surface may cause damage.

When to Choose Wood Veneer Finish

  • If you're a busy family and don't have time to care for real wood furniture
  • If you want to add warmth to a more minimalist interior
  • If you want to bring a hygge element to your home
  • If you want to add texture to your interiors
  • For a modern and trendy interior without spending a fortune on real wood furniture

How to Style Wood Veneer Furniture

The beauty of wood veneer furniture is that, without trying at all, you can bring colour and depth to any room. If you wanted to create a warming interior, we recommend keeping your base palette rich with walnut and dark greys. You can then play with pops of colour, such as an on-trend colour palette of green and terracotta.     Adding a pop of colour will instantly lift any interior. Wood Veneer furniture adds instant texture to a room, so you can afford to be experimental with softer finishes to create a well-balanced interior style.

Stylists Top Tip: Replace terracotta with copper accessories and use green glass and props rather than painted walls. These items are cheaper and easy to update with the changing seasons. Meaning your home will always be bang on trend- without breaking the bank! 


Get the Look:


Assi Walnut Extending Dining Table


Elise Dining Chair in Putty Grey


Assi Walnut Sideboard


Made your mind up?

So, now we've given you a quick rundown of high gloss vs wood veneer, you should now have more of an idea of how you'd furnish your home. If you want more in-depth tips on caring for your final choice, check out our white gloss care guide, or our wood veneer post for tips and tricks catered to your chosen furniture finish. That said, it's not always a case of this or that. You can mix things up and style your home with both high gloss and wood veneer furniture! Our Assi Sideboard in White Gloss and Walnut is the perfect, versatile piece.  

Assi Walnut and White Gloss Sideboard

  Pair it with any of our Assi Extending Dining Tables and you'll have a seamlessly pulled together, coordinated look. Still unsure? Let us know your questions in the comments below and we'll be happy to help! If you have decided on white gloss or walnut veneer, don't forget to share your pictures and tag us on Facebook and Instagram by using #mydanetti.
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Danetti Outdoor: Get to Know our NEW Range of Modern Garden Furniture
March 14, 2018 at 10:55 am 0
You may have seen over the last few months a smattering of images of our new Danetti Outdoor Range. A capsule collection of modern and contemporary garden furniture with all the comforts of inside, outside.   As warmer weather is on the horizon, we are all dreaming of those long summer nights spent with friends and family. And what better way to get the outdoor inspiration flowing than taking a look at our new outdoor furniture range. You're best to draw up your shopping list now so you're ready to enjoy every second of the warm weather! Numbers are limited so you won't want to hang around for this one...  

The Outdoor Range

While designing this new range of durable garden furniture, function, style and easy maintenance were at the forefront. We have created a versatile range of 2 seater dining tables, for smaller gardens and patios, to larger 6 seater garden dining table and luxurious corner sofas. Regardless of the size of your garden, you're sure to find your new outdoor furniture right here.  

Palermo 2-4 Seater Dining Table

  The Palermo 2 Seater Garden Dining Table is the ideal option for those with smaller gardens. You can quite happily seat 2-4 people, depending on your needs. As with all of our outdoor dining tables, the etched tempered glass top adds weight to the durable aluminium base and gives a soft, matte finish.   Team with the Lola stackable garden dining chair for a clean, minimal outdoor setting. The Lola Chair comes in Aqua, Slate Grey and White.  

Palermo 4 Seater Dining Table

Available in your choice of White or Dark Grey, the Palermo 4 seater is the perfect choice for first-time buyers and mid-sized gardens. This outdoor dining table is super versatile and can be paired with either our garden dining benches or your favourite stackable dining chairs.       Pair with the stunning Skye Outdoor Stackable Dining Chair for an Ibiza inspired designer garden setting. Available in White, Slate Grey, Aqua or Olive Green to suit your outdoor colour schemes.   Alternatively, for a more uniform garden setting, why not choose 2 backless garden benches with your 4 seater Palermo Dining Table? This space-saving dining set allows you to tuck the benches completely under the tempered glass outdoor dining table. This means you can keep the patio clear with easy access to your tabletop for those, larger parties!    

Palermo 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table

If you have a larger garden, our Palermo 6 seater dining tables would be a great choice for you. The great thing about outdoor furniture is that place settings are much more flexible. More guests? No problem! Simply pull up a couple extra chairs or seat a few extra bums on our dining benches and you can happily seat 8 or more!   The White Palermo Range is suited for fresh, modern garden styles and works great with our Aqua or Yellow stackable outdoor dining chairs. The Grey Palermo Range works great with our deeper Slate Grey and Olive Skye Dining Chairs. Place in gardens with darker decking or painted fences for a moody, boho vibe.      

Palermo Garden Dining Benches

Bring a real designer look to your garden with one of our garden benches. From compact 2 seaters to the larger 7 seater corner sofas, these benches will bring the wow factor to any outdoor oasis. If you really want to mix things up, combine your colourful garden dining chairs with a modern garden bench for a social space you'll never want to leave.    

Corner Benches

Keep your garden style slick by pairing the Palermo Corner Bench with our 2 or 3 seater Palermo Backless Benches. This creates a very co-ordinated outdoor space. What's more, as this range of garden furniture is lightweight, you can easily move your dining table out of the way and enjoy your benches all summer long.   Alternatively, match your new Garden Benches to your outdoor dining table, as our Palermo Range comes in the same white and dark grey for a coordinated look.  Mix and match with our bright garden chairs for a fun, laid-back outdoor space.   Available in Yellow (Ginger), White and Cool Grey, the Edie Stackable Garden Chair will add colour and structure to your garden. Also available is the coordinating Edie Armchair, for added style and comfort.    

Fresco 6 Seater Dining Table

If a pedestal style garden table is not your cup of tea, take a look at the Fresco Outdoor Dining Tables. Made out of the same lightweight and durable aluminium and etched tempered glass, the Fresco Dining Table has a tapered style leg for a minimal look. Pair up with the Edie stackable plastic garden chairs for a crisp, classic style.     Add the Edie Dining Armchair at the ends of your tables for an indoor seating style. These chairs are also great for families, as children are less likely to be running around during dinner when sat in an armchair!     The tapered leg of the Fresco Dining Table offers a simple silhouette, to keep your garden light and allow your perfectly manicured lawns to be shown off.    

Koko 4 Seater Dining Table

And finally, take a look at our Koko 4 Seater Dining Table. Comfortably seats 4 with the flexibility to squeeze in more, depending on how many you're entertaining. With a similar style leg to the Fresco Range, the minimal shape of this table is ideal for compact gardens.   Pair with the Lola Dining Chair to keep the simple silhouette, or why not choose a combination of colours for a fun setting.    

What's your favourite?

By now, we hope you have made up your mind on your favourite pieces from our first range of Outdoor Garden Furniture. If you're still unsure, you can order your very own Garden Swatch Pack. Simply visit one of the garden product pages on our website. The pack contains samples of all the fabrics and colours, to make your decision process that bit easier.     Don't forget, numbers of our Garden Range are limited, so snap up your favourites early to avoid disappointment. Plus, you're going to want to have your outdoor furniture sorted before the warmer weather comes. There's nothing worse than the sun being here with nowhere to sit and enjoy it! Already bought your garden furniture? Be sure to tag us in your pictures of Facebook and Instagram with #mydanetti and #danettioutdoor. Here's to a great summer!
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6 Nearly Free Things to do on Mother’s Day
March 6, 2018 at 4:26 pm 0

With Mother's Day just under a week away, chances are you’ve not quite decided on your plans. Luckily, we have helped you out and given you 6 sure-fire, nearly free ideas to really treat your Mum this Mother's Day.


Sanza and Moda Dining Set in Oak and White Leather


1. Pamper Evening & Movie Night

Feeling the cold? Why not stay in with your Mum and treat yourselves to a Mother's Day pamper night. Pop to your local health and beauty store and pick up a variety of face masks, mani-pedi kits and some essential oils. Light a few candles for the hygge feel and chill out with a great film.

Here's a couple of the classic movie suggestions you may not have seen in a while:
  • Breakfast at Tiffanys
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Bridget Jones' Diary
  • Bridesmaids
  • Pretty Woman

(Our Ellis Sofa is perfect for those cosy nights in)


Ellis Real Leather Armchair

2. Afternoon Walk

If you’re after a bit of fresh air and activity, who not go for a Mother's Day walk? We live in such a beautiful country with so many stunning walking routes. Living in London? Take a stroll around one of the many beautiful parks. No doubt there are plenty of stunning walking spots local to you and your family.


Surrey Hills - Sheer


3. Gin Distillery Tour

For those of you who are looking for Mother's Day activities for Adults, the perfect day out for a Gin lover is a Distillery Tour. England produces some world class Gins, with the majority of distilleries open for Tours! Take a look at our top 5 Gin Tours and treat your mum to a tasty treat! 


1. Bombay Sapphire Gin Tour, Hampshire

Tickets start from £16 for adults, and you get a free cocktail at the end of the tour! You’ll learn how the Gin is made and pick your favourite scents for a tailor-made cocktail.


The Mediterranean Glasshouse at Laverstoke

2. Ian Macleod Distillers, Edinburgh

The parent company of the Edinburgh Gin, the Ian Macleod Distillers Gin Tour teaches you all about Edinburgh's historic Gin culture, dating all the way back to the 1700's. Tickets start at £10, and advance booking is essential.  

3. Black Friars Plymouth Gin, Plymouth

With tickets ranging from £7-£40, and tours lasting 40 minutes to 2 and a half hours, there is a tour for your Gin Novices to Gin Experts. Plus, at the end of the tour you can choose a complimentary miniature bottle of Black Friars Gin to take home, or your choice of cocktail at the in-house bar.  

4. Beefeater Gin, London

One of London's hidden gems and one of the oldest remaining Gin distilleries in the capital. Self-guided tours cost just £12 including a complimentary gin and tonic.  

Beefeater Distillery, London - Time Out


5. Manchester Three Rivers Gin, Manchester

One for the Gin lovers, this tour does cost £95 per person. However you get a lot for that price; 3 hours spent delving into the history of Gin, including 4 complimentary drinks during the tour, ending in you being let loose and creating your very own bottle of gin to take home.  

3. Home-cooked Meal

Mother's Day isn’t just about Mothers. It’s also for your Grandmother, Sister, Wife, Cousin, and Daughter. So why not get all the strong women in your family over for some great homemade food. 

Make it a special occasion and do good for charity by hosting your own coffee morning or bake sale. See the family, enjoy some homemade treats and raise money for a great cause at the same time. Everyone has their own story, and by hosting a great get together and raising money for a cause close to your heart couldn't be more rewarding!

(Don’t forget, you’ve still got time to order one of our Extending Dining Sets to make sure you’ve got enough space for the whole family!)


Aver Extending Dining Table and Finn Dining Chairs

  Stuck for ideas on what to cook? You can't go wrong with a classic Victoria sponge cake for your coffee morning! But to make it that little bit more special, here's our favourite Victoria Sponge with white chocolate and raspberry filling recipe:

For the cake:

  • 175g butter softened
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 175g self-raising flour
  • ½tsp baking powder
  • 1-2 tbsp milk

For the filling:

  • 75g white chocolate, melted
  • 100g butter softened
  • 100g icing sugar, plus extra to dust
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 4-5 tbsp raspberry jam
1. Cream together your butter and sugar. Once light and fluffy, add your eggs and mix in until smooth. Then, fold in your flour, ensuring no clumps at all! Add your vanilla extract, baking powder and milk (as needed), and bake in 2 greased baking tins at 190˚C for about 15-20. Or until light and fluffy. 2. While your cakes are baking, make a smooth white chocolate buttercream icing for the middle of your Victoria sponge. Melt your white chocolate and fold together with your butter and icing. 3. Once your cakes have cooled, smother one of the cakes with your white chocolate icing, the other with raspberry jam. Place a handful of raspberries in the buttercream icing and sandwich the 2 cake together (making sure the icing and jam are together, of course). Then decorate the top with any remaining raspberries, strawberries and/or blueberries and give a light dusting with some icing sugar. 4. Then, enjoy! (If you wanted to be really adventurous, you could even pop a few raspberries into your cake mix, for a juicy surprise!)  

5. Workshops

Looking for an activity to do on Mother's Day? There are so many workshops you can book yourself onto! A quick Google will reveal loads of workshops all over the country, which are great Mother's Day ideas. Be it pottery, life drawing or cooking classes, you’re sure to find an activity you’ll both love. 


Kellys Florist Workshop


6. RHS Garden Wisley

And finally, for those of you who love horticulture, why not take a visit to RHS Gardens, Wisley. Have a look around the beautiful gardens and explore the exotic plants, stopping off at one of the 5 different eateries when your legs are worn out!

You can also buy annual memberships to RHS gardens up and down the country for less than £50- meaning you and your mother can enjoy these stunning gardens throughout every season. Perhaps this can become a regular day out, and not just for Mother's Day.  

RHS Garden Wisley - Visit Surrey


Whoever you’re celebrating Mother's Day with this year, and whatever you decide to do, we hope you all have a fantastic day. Here’s to our amazing Mothers! If you're hosting Mother's Day this year and have some stylish Danetti furniture, don't forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram using #mydanetti. 

5 Need to Know Tips to Create Space in a Small Home
February 16, 2018 at 2:54 pm 0
As homes get smaller and storage space gets converted into living space, it can be a challenge to keep our homes looking clean and tidy. When it comes to maximising space in a small home, there are many clever storage ideas which are easier than you think to put into place.   how to maximise space in a small home

Assi Grey and White Gloss Compact Sideboard

  The key is to choose high-density storage and multi-functional furniture to get the most out of your small space. Our Stylist shows you 6 of the best storage ideas for compact living. Learn how you can clear the clutter and create an open and spacious small home. Use this as your shopping list for a bright, open and multi-functional home.  

1. Multi-functional Furniture

It's no secret that our homes, regardless of size, require a lot of furniture to live comfortably. But what if we could combine furniture to become more compact and take up less space in our homes? We have a wide range of must-have pieces which do exactly that:  

Duo Sidetable

This modern side table is a clever way to combine a footstool and side table, all in one. When needed, the padded stool can be separated from the table, allowing you to put your feet up after a long day.   Duo Side table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey

  Or if you're entertaining you have an extra seat for extra guests, however, if not needed, it slides neatly under the side table taking up less space. As a result, making your small home feel larger and more open and eliminating any extra trip hazards!   Duo Side Table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey


Metro Extending Dining Table

When entertaining in a compact home, seating all of your guests comfortably can be a challenge. The Metro Extending Dining Table is a compact 4 seater with a thin, space-saving frame, which can be extended not once, but twice to a healthy 8 seater dining table.   Metro Dining Table Unextended

Metro White Gloss Dining Table Unextended

  The slim metal frame keeps the overall look and feel of this table light and open. What's more, both extension leaves are kept in the table itself, meaning you don't have to find any extra space for storage. When it comes to buying an extending dining table, don't forget to check where the extension leaves will be stored. If they do not stay with the table, consider where else these can be kept, such as under a bed or sofa. But in those smaller properties- internal storage is the best option!   Metro Dining Table Fully Extended

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table Fully Extended

  Pair with a streamlined stackable dining chair, such as our Tori dining chair, to easily store any extra seats when not needed. Stackable dining chairs will have a much smaller footprint to store, and give you a significantly higher level of comfort than foldable dining chairs!   Tori Dining Chair

Tori Stackable Dining Chair in Cool Grey


2. Glass Furniture

One of the easiest things you can do when it comes to maximising space in a small home is to consider the finish of your furniture. You can create the illusion of space simply by choosing glass furniture. Glass furniture allows light to flow freely throughout your compact home, giving the appearance of a bigger space.  

Zen White gloss and Glass 6 Seater Dining Table

Our Zen 6 Seater Glass Dining Table is the perfect solution for compact homes. With its tempered glass top and trestle style legs, the Zen creates a modern silhouette while allowing light to flow. Team up with the Luka White Oak Dining Chair for a slim, minimal look.   Glass and White Gloss Zen 6 Seater Dining Table

Zen Glass and White Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table


Tiva Coffee Table Set

To combine both Multi-functional furniture and Glass Furniture, choose the Tiva Coffee Table set for your compact home. As with the Zen, the glass top keeps your room open and light, while doubling up on extra surfaces.   Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Stacked

  Stack the 2 tables together when tight on space, or separate for a matching glass coffee table and side table set.   Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Separated


3. Small Footprint

When it comes to dining furniture for small homes, the biggest thing to consider is the footprint of the furniture. A smaller footprint means it will take up less floor space, allowing you to add extra dining chairs or save floor space.  

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Typically, a gas lift bar stool will have a slightly smaller footprint than a fixed height barstool. This is because a gas lift barstool has a central pedestal base, opposed to 4 legs on each corner.   Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool in White

  The backless seat will also help you space feel more open, once again maximising the space you may or may not have.   Anzio Gas Lift Bar Stool Detail

Anzio Gaslift Barstool Seat Detail


4. Storage Solutions

Possibly the best way to maximise space in a small apartment or house is to invest in storage furniture. However, these pieces can be bulky and not the most attractive. We would recommend a compact sideboard. They are smaller than a regular sideboard, but still, offer plenty of storage to hide any unwanted clutter and give the illusion of space.  

Assi Compact Sideboard

Choosing a high gloss sideboard, such as the Compact Assi and White and Grey Gloss, will reflect light around your home. This will help stop too many shadows and keep your small space bright and open.   Assi Compact Sideboard

Assi Compact Sideboard in Grey and White Gloss

  Make the most of the handy drawers and cupboards for hiding those bits and bobs which can make smaller homes feel messy.   Assi Sideboard Cupboard Detail

Assi Compact Sideboard Storage


5. Stylist Secrets

Getting the right furniture in a small home can make a huge difference to your way of living. However, there are smaller changes you can make which will still help a small space feel bigger.  
  • Layout- Spend time moving furniture to get the best possible layout for your home. Take a look at our Blog Post about open plan living for tips and tricks when it comes to zoning your home.
  • Colour- Using darker colours in small homes will not help make the space feel bigger. Use light colours both on walls and in soft furnishings to keep your small space bright.
  • Finish- As with the use of colour, darker wood finished can make compact homes feel smaller. Opt for White or Glass furniture and think about a high gloss finish. The reflective surface will bounce light around the room giving the illusion of a larger space.
  • Declutter- Small spaces can easily feel messy and crowded, so keep props to a minimum and stay on top of the loose papers! This is why pieces such as our compact sideboards are so handy!
  • Mirrors- It's common knowledge that mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space, so make the most of it! A well-placed mirror can change the shape and look of a room instantly. Place opposite a window for maximum effect.
  • Console Tables- For those smaller hallways or living rooms, Console tables are a great addition. They're a practical extra surface for your favourite pictures and vases, but can easily be used as a compact desk or dressing table.
  Calanna Console Table in Grey Oak

Calanna Console Table- add an extra, slim lined surface without blocking any light.


Show us your Small Home

So there you have it. Hopefully, you are now feeling inspired to make the most of your interiors with our top ways to save space in a small home. Got any tips which work for you? Tell us about it! And don't forget to share your pictures with us by tagging us with #mydanetti across Instagram and Facebook!