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How to use Spiced Honey in your Home – Dulux Colour of the Year 2019
September 14, 2018 at 5:28 pm 0
September sees the release of UK colour specialist, Dulux's Colour of the Year 2019. Previous years have highlighted varying shades of blues, purples and coppers. But what does 2019 bring? And how will we use in our interiors? Say 'Hello' to

Spiced Honey

    The experts at Dulux say; "Spiced Honey is a warm Amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cosy or vibrant, depending on the palette you pair it with." Dulux have created 4 very different looks incorporating Spiced Honey into all manner of interior styles. But how do you work this look into your home? With a new colour of the year from Dulux and Pantone released every Autumn / Winter, it's hard to keep up with these changing colour trends.   So to help you out, we've taken the new Dulux Spiced Honey colour palettes and shown you how you can change your dining chairs to sit within these interior schemes. This is a quick and cost effective way of updating your interiors. Use the new colour of the year 2019 on your walls, and mix and match our colourful dining chairs to suit your favourite style.  


This colour palette features very harmonious, natural, earthy tones. Spiced honey has been balanced out with darker mulberry and slate greys, and lighter oatmeal and taupe shades to keep the colours similar. A harmonious colour palette is made from selecting neighbouring colours on the colour wheel. A few shades darker, or lighter, will create a soothing interior, perfectly suited for living rooms and bedrooms.   To introduce this colour palette of Spiced Honey into your home, keep your wall treatment simple, and match your woodwork and ceilings to your walls. We've selected the Finn Dining chair in Taupe, Taupe Grey and Mulberry Purple to bring the light and dark shades to your Spiced Honey walls. Choose soft textures such as plush velvets and waffle knits to emphasise the soothing feel.

New Dining Table?

We recommend the Grey Gloss and Glass Arc Dining Table. The high gloss grey leg complements the colour palette perfectly, while the glass top allows the colours of your Finn chairs to be seen at any angle.  

Arc Glass and Grey Gloss 4 Seater Dining Table



Similar to the Soothing colour palette, the Calming board has colours toned down with a grey base. Wack up the saturation of these pinks, purples, blues and greens, you will have a very eclectic look indeed. However, by choosing a more muted tone, we end up with the calming, pastel colour palette.   This Calming look is perfectly suited to rented accommodation or first-time buyers, as it works great with a blank canvas. The Finn Chairs we've chosen with this board is the Aqua, Taupe and Steel Blue. By keeping a cooler colour palette in our dining chairs, we can then inject Spiced Honey and the pink and purple tones into our wall colours and home accessories. What's more, this combination of Finn chairs can be updated throughout the changing colour of the years. This palette will sit with Driftwood of 2018, and Denim Drift from back in 2017. By sticking to a neutral colour palette, you give yourself the flexibility to refresh your soft furnishings and wall colours, rather than buying new colourful furniture every year!

New Dining Table?

For this look, try the Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table. The matt white table top balanced with the oak legs bring warmth and a scandi vibe to your interiors.   Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table

Aver White and Oak Extending Dining Table


This Cosy colour palette is reminiscent of traditional English countryside cottages, with a slightly modern twist. The classic shades of sage, oatmeal and rust are brought into the 21st century with a pop of Brick Red and Teal. Dulux recommends being experimental with your wall paint treatment. The below image shows Spiced Honey used around windows with 2 stripes of brick red racing around the centre of the wall.     Stick to using the neutral colours on your walls for longevity, and inject a pop of colour into your dining chairs. If this is the Spiced Honey look you're after, we suggest choosing the Finn Chairs in Teal, Brick Red and Taupe Grey.

New Dining Table?

If you're looking for a new table too, we think the Cleo Dining Table would look great in the Calming setting. The Oak table top mimics the tone of Spiced Honey, whilst the powder blue base brings some much-needed colour.  

Cleo 6 Seater Modern Farmhouse Dining Table



Finally, we have the Vibrant colour palette. Made up of all the colours in the rainbow, however, knocked back to a slightly more muted shade.     The key to getting this look right is to select one main colour and 2 accent shades. Introduce the remaining colours in small quantities throughout the space. We think as a starting point, the Slate Grey works perfectly with Spiced Honey. As an accent, Mustard and Aqua are always a safe bet. Then, the bright reds, oranges and royal blues can be used as your highlights in soft furnishings and accessories.  

New Dining Table?

To avoid any danger of this look feeling too much like a playschool, be sure to choose a sleek and modern dining table. The Grey Gloss Sanza is a great option. Its angular silhouette will bring a crisp edge to the mismatch of colours, while the cool grey will balance those bright shades.  

Small Grey Gloss Sanza Extending Dining Table


So there you have it!

How will you be using Spiced Honey in your home? Don't forget to share your beautiful homes with us by tagging #mydanetti on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can't wait to see how you bring Spiced Honey into your homes.
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Back 2 School: Create a Motivational Homework Station
August 24, 2018 at 5:01 pm 0
Summer is almost over which means it's time to get back into a normal routine before your kids head back to school. "I don't wanna go back to school!" you hear them cry. But what if we could help you create a motivational and fun homework station, a space your kids will want to spend time?  

Cavour Frosted Black Glass Desk

  Making that dream desk area for your kids could not be easier. All you need are these 3 things;
  1. Natural Light
  2. Calm Atmosphere
  3. A Beautiful Desk (from Danetti, of course)
Give your kids this focused space and it'll be straight A*'s come exam season! Let's go back to basics as we show you just how simple it is to get that motivation homework station.  

Secondary School Starters

Moving up to secondary school can be scary for some kids. A bigger environment, lesson timetables and so many new faces to learn, coming home to a serene and motivation homework station is really important to ease their minds.  

Trestle White Desk

  The first thing required for a calming, motivation homework station is natural light. Positioning your desk facing a window, or close to is a great start. Kids nowadays spend so much time in artificially lit rooms staring into screens. So when it comes to clearing their head and focusing on homework, natural light will do them the world of good.     Not only is natural light better for your wellbeing, but when working on a screen, it's also super important to give your eyes a break. As a general rule, every 20 minutes you should focus on something 20 feet away for a good 20 seconds. This will reduce eye strain and tiredness, and help keep focused on the task at hand!  

Desk Styling

Now, when it comes to setting up your physical workspace, you want to reduce distraction and promote productivity. Keep your desk clear and uncluttered. Our Trestle Desk is perfect for this, as it's smooth white silhouette and a desk-wide drawer is perfect for clearing away general desk clutter.     Keep essential books and a task lamp on the surface, and tuck away any other bits and pieces. Out of sight, out of mind! By investing in good habits at the start of term, you'll be setting your kids up to succeed. This is exactly why getting your homework station set up early is a great idea. Get your kids excited about starting secondary school.  

Get the Look


Trestle White Desk


Ida Dining Chair

  When it comes to decorating your home, it's really down to you as to colour schemes and how you want the room to feel. Here are our stylist's top 5 interior design tips for styling a home office, for you or your kids:  
  • Keep colour schemes subtle. Whether you like dark colours or light, pinks or greens, avoid clashing too many colours or prints, as this may have a negative effect on your concentration levels. Instead, stick to 2-3 complimentary colours with a couple of accent shades if you're after that pop of colour.
  • Invest in good storage solutions. Keep your desk surface clear by organising your bits and bobs into drawers, shelves or even pretty storage baskets. I've said it once already, but a tidy desk means a tidy mind!
  • Add soft textures. Homework or general working from home can be time-consuming, so be sure you're comfortable. Add printed cushions to desk chairs or a soft rug underfoot. Although it's a workspace, there's no reason it can't feel like your lounge!
  • Lighting is everything. We've already mentioned the importance of natural light, but when the nights draw in and there's a lack of daylight, be sure you have some good house lighting. Avoid harsh overhead lights and these can cause eye strain. Instead, style your desk with beautiful, yet practical, task lamps to keep that Hygge feeling.
  • Minimise distractions. We all love a good stack of books or a wacky painting, but when you're trying to work, there's nothing worse than being distracted by things that are possibly altogether more interesting. Only keep the essentials on your desk to keep you focused, but be sure to plan in breaks. Pop out for a coffee and some fresh air during long revision sessions to keep you motivated.

College Kids

It's a tricky time, college. Not only do you have to study more and work harder, but you'll also have to compete with the freedom of being able to drive and reaching the age of 18. We would recommend creating that cool, mature home office space for your kids to make them want to study.  

Cavour Matt Black Glass Desk

  The Black Matt Glass Cavour Desk is perfect for your young adults. Its smooth frosted glass top softens the black and is versatile for any home interior style. Boost the calm atmosphere by styling your desk with soft textures, luxe storage solutions and house plants.   Cavour Black Glass Desk Danetti   The handy size of the Cavour Desk allows space for all manner of working, be it art materials or laptops and books. As the tempered glass desktop boasts a slim profile, you also have plenty of room for under-desk storage.  

Desk Styling

When it comes to styling your desk and home office, be sure you have your child get involved. What do they want the colours to be? How do they want to organise their workspace? If it's a space they have created, they will want to spend time there. Just make sure to delicately guide them away from very bright colours, as this may not help promote productivity the same way muted shades will.    

Get the Look


Cavour Black Glass Desk


Russet Orange Zilo Dining Chair


Uni Student

Compact furniture is ideal for uni halls or first rental properties, as the sizing tends to be slightly less generous than they're probably used to at home. Whether your children decide to continue with education or make their first steps into the big wide world, you can still support them with a multi-functional workspace.  

Scandi Natural Oak Desk

  While at university, it is still important to create that motivational homework station, however, now the environment has changed slightly its function needs to be adaptable. With libraries and classrooms so readily available for studies and halls so full of distractions, it's maybe not worth creating a designated workspace.       Instead, create a multifunctional area for your young ones; a desk that doubles as a dressing table. The Scandi Desk is small and compact, with a handly concealed drawer for office supplies or beauty products. A smaller desk will allow more space in your room, reducing that cluttered, and sometimes stressful feeling.  

Desk Styling

Uni is all about finding yourself and expressing your personality, so have fun when creating your workspace. Pin pictures and postcards up onto the wall, but be sure to keep your worktop uncluttered. Invest in trendy storage baskets and avoid throwing clothes over the back of the chair! By keeping your worktops and space around your desk clear, you will be promoting a serene environment, perfect for writing that dissertation!      

Get the Look


Scandi Natural Ash Desk


Grey Senn Colourful Dining Chair

  No matter where your little ones are in their educational journey, it's so important to start off the new term on the right foot. Just remember, regardless of budget all you need is a lovely (uncluttered) desk in a calm space with natural lighting. That's all there is to it- style how you wish, but remember our stylist's recommendations! For more tips and tricks on how to style your dream home office, check out our Desk Buying Guide. Have you created a dream homework station for your kids? Let us know by leaving a comment and tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.
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Velvet and Brass: How to use 2018 Hottest Interior Trend in your Home
July 6, 2018 at 9:53 am 0
Velvet and Brass finishes have been creeping up our interior wish-lists for a while now, with 2018 seeing the biggest influx of velvet furniture. For your average homeowner, velvet can feel out of reach as it can be expensive as it's a premium fabric. However, we think great design should be affordable for everyone! Which is exactly why we have launched our own range of velvet furniture. All at a more affordable price range so you, too, can have your dream home.    

Coming Soon...

      As velvet is a newer material to use in our homes, it can be tricky to know how to style around what you already own. We love the combination of velvet and brass and have designed some simple pieces which can seamlessly slide into any existing home interior.   Check out the Plaza Velvet Stools and Mellow Velvet Benches, and keep reading for our styling tips! Plus, keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive velvets coming very soon....  

Why do we Love Velvet and Brass?

In all honesty, you probably love velvet and brass together because it suits your own interior style. But believe it or not, there is a reason why this luxe combo is so easy on the eye. Velvet is a cut pile, which simply means the weave is cut lengthways, to provide a soft surface with more of a sheen. A cut pile will naturally make velvet more delicate. Over time if not cared for properly you may begin to see bald patches form. That said, all of our Velvets are rub-tested to ensure longevity. So, treated with care, they should last for years to come.  

Sapphire Velvet and Brushed Brass Plaza Stool

  As velvets create this super soft lustre, brushed brass does the opposite and gives off a cooler, matt vibe. The juxtaposition of these 2 materials gives off very luxurious vibes while remaining cool and contemporary. Gone are the days of crushed velvets and diamante trims- less is definitely more when it comes to interior decor.  

Velvet Inspiration

As with any home update, it's important to look for inspiration before making any decisions. Anything can inspire you, from fashion and interior mags, social media or even your favourite restaurant. Velvet and Brass is a very luxe look, so you want to be sure you incorporate extra luxe elements into your vision to create a perfectly styled home.  

Sketch, London

  Potentially the space to start off this interior design trend is Sketch, London. With its head to toe pink velvet interiors balanced with warm brass and textured marbles, there's no denying the instagramability of this stunning restaurant.   Transferring this high-end look into your home is much easier than you may think. Aside from painting your walls and ceilings bright pink, you can add a few simple velvet and brass pieces to create the same look at a much lower price tag.  

Plaza Stool

The quickest and simplest way to introduce velvet and brass is with our Plaza Velvet Stool. The versatility of this little stool allows total freedom to use in any room of your home. Position it against your leather sofa for a comfy place to put your feet up, use as a trendy dressing table seat or as extra seating around your dining table. Plus at just £99, it's affordable no matter what your budget!  

Plaza Blush Pink Velvet Stool

  Take a leaf out of our super stylish customer's book and use your Plaza Stool as a Dressing Table Seat. The Plaza is available in 4 colours with 3 different finishes meaning you'll be sure to find the ideal option for your home.  

Penny Goldstone has chosen the Teal and Warm Brass Plaza for her dark and dramatic dressing area.


Aalkins has gone for the Pink Plaza Stool to balance with her Brass and Marble dressing table.

  Swapping your classic dressing table chair for the Plaza Stool instantly adds style and form. Its handy size also means it will tuck neatly under your dressing table or desk. Stylish, compact and space saving!  

Mellow Bench

One of our best selling lines is our Mellow bench- now available in Sapphire Velvet and Brass. The beauty of these benches is that they can be part of your dining set, or sit on their own as a statement piece. You could even double up and use as a compact sofa!  

Mellow 3 Seater Bench in Sapphire Velvet and Brass

    With the current dark wall interior trend, the sapphire velvet works beautifully against many inky shades. Position against dark blue walls for a camouflage look and to make the brass legs pop. Alternatively, the soft blue sheen also looks great against varying shades of purples, dark greens and smokey greys- the possibilities really are endless. We all know the soft sheen against the matt brushed brass works wonders, but how about adding another layer and pairing the Mellow Velvet Benches with a high gloss dining table?! The super-reflective surface bounces light around the room, giving your new velvet furniture extra depth. Plus, no one can resist a durable, grey gloss extending dining tables, such as our Sanza.  

You could even pair your Mellow Benches with the Plaza Stool for extra seats when needed!

    The Mellow Velvet Bench also comes in a Petrol Grey and Stainless Steel leg, which we will be covering very soon on the blog.  

How to Style Velvet

Although we've only shown you 2 new styles, fear not- we have plenty more velvet and brass newness in the works! Let's just build up the courage to introduce this trend into our homes one step at a time. If, however, you're diving straight into the velvet scene, our Stylist has some top tips for you when it comes to styling velvet and brass in your home.    
  • Velvet is a very soft material with a subtle sheen, so contrast this with natural materials such as marble and wood. Marble is also a very luxe material, so pair with velvet for a modern, minimal and very luxurious interior.
  • Mix and match your metallics. Sticking to just brass can feel overpowering and a little dated. Instead, clash highly reflective metals with brushed finishes. Or maybe mix a brushed brass with a stainless steel.
  • If you opt for a brighter velvet, keep the surrounding colours neutral to really make your velvet pop.
  • Use textured throws and cushions with a graphic print over velvet sofas to avoid your home looking too twee and to add personality.
  • Choose muted or darker colours as these will last longer. A bright orange velvet sofa will look incredible, however, you want your furniture to last. Instead, choose a colour which has a bit more longevity and versatility to work in your home as you change over the years.  Dark blues and muted pinks work great in any existing interior.
  • If you really want your velvet to glisten, place in a room with plenty of natural light. However, avoid direct sunlight as this can cause bleaching.
  • Velvet is a tricky material to clean if you don't pick up any spillages right away. You can use warm soapy water and a clean cloth to mop up any spills. For bigger stains or those you don't get to in time, seek professional advice before attempting to clean the velvet yourself.

Coming Soon...

  Keep an eye out for our Velvet Buying Guide coming soon to the blog, full of tips and tricks to cleaning your velvet and how to keep it looking good as new! If you want to see more don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We'd love to see how you style our Velvet Furniture in your home! Don't forget to use #mydanetti in your photos!
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British Summer Garden Party – A How To Guide
June 15, 2018 at 10:41 am 0
This time of year we all love a good Garden Party. Whether it's a weekend BBQ, a birthday party or just having some friends over, we've got you covered. From furnishing your garden, styling tips and how to change plans in case of rain. Read our quick tips for planning for the perfect Summer Garden Party!  

4 Seater Palermo Dining Table with Matcha Green Skye Dining Chairs


Kit out your Garden

Let's start with the absolute basics. For any garden party, you're going to need somewhere for your guests to sit! Depending on the size of your garden and the kind of knee's up you're having will help determine the right style of garden seating for you.  

Garden Sizing

All said and done, it's down to your own personal style and how you use your garden which will ultimately help choose your new garden furniture. But we're here to help and offer a few suggestions to help you create the garden of your dreams.  

Smaller Sized Gardens

For those with smaller gardens, you want to think about space saving garden furniture. A Pedestal Dining Table paired with 2 backless benches is the perfect option as you can easily tuck the benches under the table when not in use.  

6 Seater Palermo Backless Bench Dining Set

  Our Palermo Pedestal Dining Table comes in 2 different sizes; a 4 Seater option and a 6 Seater option. However, as your garden dining situation tends to be a little more relaxed, there's nothing stopping you keeping a couple of chairs aside for those extra guests.  

Palermo 6 Seater with 3 Seater Palermo Benches and Edie Dining Armchairs

  To match your new dining table, our Palermo backless benches also come in a 2 or 3 seater option. As before, you can comfortably fit 2 or 3 people on our benches (depending on your chosen size). However, if you wanted to have a few extra guests, you have the space to squeeze on a few extra bums.  

Larger Sized Gardens

If you have a generously sized garden, make the most of this and create 'rooms' for your outdoors. Create a chill-out area, or 'living room', on one side with the Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table, and a 'dining room' on the other. This is ideal for larger Garden Parties as you give your guests more space and can create a more relaxed vibe.  

White Corner Palermo Garden Bench


Stylist Tip: For larger gardens, add subtle pops of colour to keep your space feeling homely. Our Skye Matcha Green Dining Chairs look great with white or grey aluminium garden furniture and add a hint of warmth to reflect your garden. 


Grey 6 Seater Palermo Dining Table with Skye Chairs


Average Sized Gardens

For those typical gardens, you have the best of both worlds. Stick with a pedestal dining table but pair with the corner sofa. This allows you generous space for dining while giving you the freedom to move your table aside (possibly as a drinks station for your summer garden party!)  

Palermo Dining Set with the 4 Seater Table, 2 Seater Bench and Corner Sofa

  What's more, due to the space saving pedestal dining table, once your guests are suitably full, you can simply slide your table closer to the corner bench, clearing space for a dance floor!  

Lola and Palermo 4 Seater Dining Set with the 3 Seater Palermo Bench creating a cosy garden reading nook.

  You can pair your garden corner bench set with either a backless bench or our range of stackable, plastic garden dining chairs. Although our dining chairs are plastic, they're not the flimsy things your grandparents used to own! Our Garden chairs are made from moulded polypropylene making them incredibly strong and stable.  

Garden Party Styling

Now you have your seating and dining situation sorted, it's time for the fun part- styling your garden. Again, how you decorate your outdoor space depends on what your garden party is in honour of. So here are a few of our tips for year-round garden styling. You can always add or increase in aid of any summer garden parties.  
  • Bunting - Bunting is a must have for your quintessential summer garden party. With so many variations out there, you're sure to find a colour and/or print to suit your personal style.
  • Greenery - Although our gardens tend to be pretty green, where we entertain is usually paved and walled. Play around with different plants in colourful plant pots to bring some life to your decked garden area. Try different sized palm plants and trees for a Miami beach house vibe.

Palermo Corner Garden Bench and Coffee Table in White

  • Colour - Inject colour into your garden with your dining chairs. You can then compliment these with your choice of cups, plates napkins etc to create bright and fun space.

Contrast smooth frosted glass with wood for a very satisfying juxtaposition

  • Lighting - If you're hosting a summer garden party (and you get lucky with the weather) you're going to want to make the most of being outdoors. Add some festoon lighting or contemporary lanterns for soft lighting and a lovely calming mood.

Lanterns add warmth and interest to an outdoor space

  • Accessories - When we style our homes, we use objects and props that we love- the same goes for your garden! Think about adding some concrete buddha's or marble shapes to bring the indoors, out. By propping your garden as you would your interior, you're making your guests feel at ease and creating an inviting home.

In Case of Rain

Here in good ol' Blighty, the weather is never settled. You could be planning a summer garden party for months, the weather leading up to it is absolutely perfect but the day of your event, the rain shows up. It's a fact we've got to accept living here, but we never let a drop of rain ruin our plans!  

Palermo 6 Seater White Dining Table with 2x Palermo 3 Seater Benches

  Obviously, plan for great weather as when it's good, it really is great. But it's important to have a backup plan- just in case. There are a few things you can do such as hiring a gazebo or having a covered area as a permanent fixture in your garden. (This will protect you from the sun and also rain). But if you don't have the time or space, it's time for plan B.  

Julia shared this picture of her lovely cat, Bea, enjoying her Danetti Furniture Cover

  If the rain does end up spoiling your garden party, you're best bet is to move inside. But before you do, make sure you cover over your garden furniture. Although all of our garden fabrics are showerproof, it's always safest to keep the furniture covered or away in the garage/shed. We offer covers designed for any combination of garden furniture you choose!  

Our Garden Furniture cover is waterproof to protect your furniture from the British weather!

  What's more, our stackable garden dining chairs are versatile and trendy enough to use indoors as well as out. So cover over your table and benches, bring your chairs inside and let the festivities continue!  

The Skye Garden Chairs also look great indoors, too!

  To find out more and explore our Danetti Outdoor Garden Range follow the link right here. Don't forget to keep your garden furniture newer for long by reading out Garden Cleaning Guide here, too.
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Palermo Outdoor Corner Bench with Seasons in Colour
June 1, 2018 at 4:10 pm 0
This Spring saw the introduction of our Garden Furniture Range. Made up of a contemporary collection of outdoor dining tables, stackable garden chairs and, most popularly, our Garden Bench range. We recently teamed up with Interior Blogger Jenny Kakoudakis, owner of Season in Colour, to see what she thought of our new Palermo outdoor corner bench. Take a look at how Jenny has styled the corner bench in her own stunning garden and what she thinks of the Palermo Bench and Coffee table set.    

At Home with Season in Colour

  When Jenny came to us about her Garden Makeover, we knew our Palermo Corner Bench was exactly what her garden needed. With a large patio space, Jenny wanted to create a relaxation zone for her and her friends and family to spend the long summer evenings. We love how Jenny has styled her garden bench with palm prints and fluoro colour for a true summer vibe.     The Palermo Corner Bench comes in Grey and White, and in a left-handed and right-handed option to suit all garden styles. The bench secures together with discrete screws to avoid separating when in use. However, Jenny has used her initiative and separated the 2-sides of her bench to create an outdoor living room feel. If you choose to do this with your own, just be aware you will be able to see the holes. But we highly doubt anyone will notice when you garden looks and gorgeous as this!  

What Jenny Has to Say about the Palermo Corner Bench


"The range is not only good looking - contemporary greys and whites and a mix of metal and wood - but it is also practical. The fabric on the cushion is for example wipeable. You know, because wine accidents happen all the time in garden parties!

The piece I chose was the Palermo Grey right-hand corner outdoor dining bench and the Palermo coffee table. They both arrived within a couple days of ordering, flat packed with easy assembly instructions and all the necessary equipment to do the job, which by the way can be done by one person easily."


"Now, some really nice surprises! First, two seat cushions can be added onto the composite wood end tables to create a couple of extra seats. This modular design feature makes this bench incredibly versatile and changeable to suit your seating needs.

Next up, the fact that you can not screw the two benches together, but instead leave them facing each other to create an alternative styling and more formal seating arrangement!"

  Jenny has even done a great video review of her garden makeover. Check it out below, and don't forget to let us know what you think of Season in Colour's garden.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=h8f5pstgSIQ  

Why Choose a Garden Corner Bench?

  Think about the time you spend in your garden. With our British summers being so temperamental, we want to make the most of every second of sunshine. The typical home will have a garden dining set, which is lovely- but mainly designed for eating. When the sun is shining at 3 in the afternoon, you don't want to be sat up at the table, you want to be reclining and relaxing.       That's why choosing a garden corner bench is the perfect option for you. Not only can you create a chill out zone ideal for entertaining, but the handy sizing of our Palermo Range means you can also sit up around your table. Pair with one of our 6 seater garden dining tables, such as the Fresco or Palermo dining tables, and create a comfy dining area.  

Garden Bench Seating Options

  Along with the Palermo Corner Bench, you can also pair up with our 2 or 3 seater backless garden benches. Palermo Backless benches are ideal for creating that relaxed garden dining setting. Choose 2 dining benches to sit either side of your table for a compact dining area. Alternatively, pair with the corner bench for a larger, more sociable area.     If you wanted even more flexibility with your garden furniture, team your corner bench with a dining table and stackable chairs. That way, you can separate your corner bench from the garden dining set when spending time with the family. Otherwise arrange altogether when you have extra quests to entertain.     The possibilities are endless.   If you wanted to re-create this look, follow this link to shop the Palermo Garden Bench Range for yourself. Don't forget to share your beautiful garden snaps with us by tagging #mydanetti in your Facebook and Instagram photos! Here's to some more sunny weather!
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2018 Interior Trends – How to do Warm Neutrals
May 18, 2018 at 3:48 pm 0
For the past few years, Grey has been the colour of choice for all of our interiors. However, we all know that trends come and go, and this year we are seeing a shift towards Neutrals. Grey still has a place in our homes, but now with undertones of taupes and creams. These earthy tones are richer, deeper and allow you to be more adventurous with your interior colour schemes. Take a look at our styling suggestions for each room in your home. From furniture to wallpaper to paint colours, you'll be updating your home with warm neutrals in no time at all.  

Neutrals in the Kitchen

  For most of us, the kitchen will probably be the most expensive purchase we make for our homes. Most of us won't be in the position to update it every time trends change! Which is why it's always wise to stick to a neutral colour pallet for those longer lasting purchases. Think stone coloured doors with wooden worktops... timeless!   That said, there are a few small cost-effective home updates for your kitchen that you can update with the changing seasons. But let's start with the basics...     Neutrals are great for the kitchen, as the majority of textures and materials which are used for kitchens sit very well in a neutral colour palette. Grey gloss and Oak is a perfect combination as the coolness of the grey is balanced by the warmness of the wood. But be sure to choose a grey with an earthy tone, rather than a blue tone as this can look a bit too cool.   Our Cross Grey Gloss and Oak dining table is the perfect partner to your grey gloss kitchen. Pair with the Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey for a modern touch. Update your kitchen cupboard handles to chrome and play with marble textures to bring this look to life. It's these small details which will give your kitchen that interior designer edge.  

Stylists Tip: For extra kitchen storage, choose a simple grey gloss sideboard, such as our Lexi sideboard to keep the look clean and modern. Top it off with a cool wallpaper in an oatmeal shade to create a real focal point in your dining area.

Get the Look:


Cross 4 Seater Dining Table in Grey Gloss and Oak


Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey


Lexi Sideboard in Grey Gloss


Neutrals in the Living Room

  Our living rooms tend to be where we relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Because of this, calming colours are best suited to areas of relaxation as they exude that calming vibe. Pairing neutral shades with a blush pink and brushed brass creates an elegant and stylish interior. As with our kitchens, sofas are also an investment piece of furniture, so by choosing this is a neutral colour will ensure longevity.     You can then update the more cost-effective items, such as side tables and coffee tables inline with current interior design trends. That way, your home is always bang on trend without breaking the bank! We think the warm Parchment real leather of our Ellis range sits perfectly with our new Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush. Pair with the Brass Ripple Coffee Table and a bold wallpaper for a feminine, neutral interior.  

Stylists Tip: If you want to great a more colourful look, but still in keeping with a neutral theme, try adding muted shades of green. The green and pink are a great colour combination, very on trend, but by selecting a more muted shade, the colour won't feel too overpowering. In turn, you've got a soothing neutral interior with a bit more depth and personality. 


Plaza Velvet Stool in Sapphire


Wallpaper from Graham Brown

  For more masculine interiors, swap blush for navy blue. Try our Sapphire Velvet Plaza Stool and a strong geometric wallpaper. Keep a touch of brass within the wallpaper for that luxe feel.  

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Ellis Sofa in Parchment


Flamingo Wallpaper from Freathr


Ripple Coffee Table in Gold


Blush Plaza Velvet Stool


Neutrals in the Home Office

  Finally, we come to the home office. If you have the luxury of a dedicated home office, you can afford to get a little more creative by designing an individual and unique scheme. However, if you have a compact workspace tucked away in a corner, these neutrals will sit well in any existing interiors.     For this look, we are continuing with natural wood, but balancing the cool, scandi vibe with a rich Cashmere real leather. Balancing washed out woods with rich chocolate tones adds texture and keeps the overall look warmer. Warm neutrals are great for home office spaces as they promote concentration and productivity.  

Stylists Tip: Choose a playful wallpaper with subtle tones to keep the space interesting. Use different metallic finishes for a sleek, modern style. Balancing out warm neutrals with heather based colours will help to warm up and greys or earthy tones.

    Dulux's Colour of the year 2018, Heartwood, is a perfect pairing to neutral shades as its earthy base helps pull out the lilac tones in your other furnishings. Find out more about Heartwood right here.  

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Scandi Natural Ash Desk


Stylo Dining Chair in Taupe Grey


Serin Occasional Chair in Cashmere


Flo Wallpaper from Feathr

  By now, you should have a solid idea on how to use new, warming neutrals in your existing interiors. Remember, if you still want to use grey rather than natural colours, be sure to pick a warmer shade to keep your home cosy and on trend. If you decide to re-decorate or re-furnish your home with these tips in mind, be sure to tag us!   Tag us by using #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to show off your Danetti Neutral Style!  
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Julia Kendell – 2018 Must Have Interior Metallics
May 11, 2018 at 4:51 pm 0

Any designer will tell you, it's the quality of materials that make an interiors scheme. Whether a simple design, quirky, classic or contemporary, the surface details must be of the highest finish for the overall effect to look well considered.  This year, the vibe is all about combining luxurious materials such as marble, polished glass and unpolished natural wood with eye-catching, matt metals.


Both brushed steel and matt brass/gold are big news and dominate kitchen trends for 2018. The subtlety of the matt metallic finish exudes an understated elegance whilst the reflective qualities of the metals lift and brighten the look. It's a perfect combination and this palette ensures a room will look both stylish and welcoming.


When planning a room update, detail is key and my top tip is to think about what will draw your eye in the room. Any strong colour or heavy pattern will attract attention first.


So to achieve a good balance within the space, plan the material finishes with this in mind. For example, a colourful backsplash can create a dramatic effect. But if the colour isn’t used in other places around the room, the eye will ‘stop’ at the backsplash allowing it to dominate the scheme and create an imbalance overall.


If you are planning a marble-clad island and want this to be the ‘hero’ of the design, ensure none of the other elements dilute or drown out its appeal. With beautiful, good quality materials, the ‘less is more’ approach wins out.

Form Stainless Steel Barstool Range


Often the best interiors, and those easiest to live with, are the simplest where each piece has both a function and contributes to the overall aesthetic. The Form Barstool has been designed with quality of finish very much in mind and the new stainless steel cantilever base perfectly complements this year’s materials palette.

      Whether set against a dark granite, timber veneer, luscious marble or glossy colour, the steel and leather-effect surface materials will stylishly enhance the look.    

Julia’s Material Tips for Updating a Kitchen

  1. Consider the ‘balance’ of the room, what materials will dominate and draw the eye. Are these the areas you want to draw attention to?
  2. Every surface material should complement and enhance the rest as a complete palette of tone, pattern and texture.
  3. Using the ‘less is more’ approach, choose the best quality you can afford for fewer pieces to ensure a quality overall look.
  4. Add in matt metallics to tap into this year’s trend and add life and energy to the scheme.
  5. As with any room design, lighting is key to ensuring the fixtures and furnishings look their best. Use several circuits to produce a flexible lighting scheme for all occasions.
    Keep your eyes peeled for new colourways and textures of our Julia Kendell Collection coming soon. To stay up to date, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for behind the scenes sneak peeks! Follow Julia's new blog, The Relaxed Home, for more on her latest projects and Interior Design updates.
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Inspiring Garden Ideas – 3 Steps to an Ibiza Style Garden
April 20, 2018 at 4:18 pm 0
It is finally starting to feel like spring! There's no time like the present to get your garden sorted for summer, so you can really make the most of every second of sunshine. But with so many different variations of garden style, how do you know what you want? We're here to help guide you to your dream contemporary garden with a mini-series of inspiring garden ideas. Starting with Ibiza Style.  

Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table

  When you think of Ibiza Gardens, you think crisp, white render, azure blue oceans and cloudless skies. Safe to say good old Blighty is not that. Although, with a bit of creativity and know-how, creating your own modern, white Ibiza Style garden is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

1. Colour

The key to creating a modern Ibiza garden is the minimal colour palette. Based in predominantly white settings and with a simple palette of natural woods, fresh greenery and blue skies, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate in the UK. However, put your own spin on things by playing with the levels of colour.  

Ibiza Style - Pinterest


Palermo Corner Bench, Fresco 6 Seater Garden Dining Table and Edie Garden Chair, all in White.

  For example, Ibiza villas tend to have courtyards covered in white render, balanced with natural wood furniture and potted plants. On the other hand, we tend to have luscious green gardens with wooden decking the occasional white wall or fence. Same colour palette, just different quantities.  

Palermo 6 Seater White Garden Dining Table and Skye Dining Chairs in Aqua, Slate Grey and White

  If you wanted to create an Ibiza style in your garden, be sure to choose white garden furniture. The Palermo and Skye 6 seater garden dining set is perfect for this, as the all-white colour palette works well with your existing green gardens. In turn, this creates that effortless Ibiza look.  

Palermo 2-4 Seater Garden Dining Table with Aqua Lola Garden Dining Chair

  Alternatively, for contemporary garden ideas for small gardens, take a look at the Palermo 2-4 Seater with Aqua Lola Dining Chairs. The same effect will be created, just on a smaller scale. What's more, the rich blue of the Lola garden chair mimics the colour of the Mediterranean sea, reaffirming that cool, Ibiza style.  

2. Mood

It is no secret that Ibiza is the party capital of the world. But did you know Ibiza also has some of the best chill-out zones, too? This is why creating that Ibiza feel in your garden will make it or break it. You can achieve this simply by zoning your garden space. If you have the luxury of a large garden, you can create a garden dining area as well as a relaxing chill-out space. To create that informal style, play around with your seating options.  

Palermo 6 Seater Garden Dining Table with 3 Seater Palermo Garden Benches

  Rather than choosing garden dining chairs, opt for a garden dining bench to allow for more flexibility with your seating options. This also gives the freedom to squeeze a few extra bums on the seats if needed. By doubling up on your benches this also creates a relaxed vibe, idea for those Ibiza nights. For the chill-out zone, our Palermo Corner Bench with coordinating coffee table is the ideal setting for chilled summer evenings.  

Palermo Corner Bench with Coffee Table


Ibiza Chill-Out Space - Pinterest

  If you've not got the space to have 2 separate zones, no problem! Our garden range is crafted with an aluminium base, making it very light and easy to move around. For meal times, sit your table up against your corner bench. Then, when you want to relax in the sun, simply move your table aside and enjoy the space.  

3. Personality

The final ingredient to Ibiza Style Gardens is personality. Although the colour palette may be seen as clinical and modern, you will never see an Ibiza garden looking cold and stark.  

White Palermo Corner Garden Bench

  Play around with texture by adding cushions, rugs, and your favourite tableware to stamp your garden with your own, personal style. Stick to a complementary colour palette, by introducing pops of green and extra white highlights for a true party feel. Add candles and festoon lighting to keep the evenings cosy. And give your guests chunky throws for when the temperature drops.  

Ibiza Evening via Pinterest


Palermo Dining Bench and Table Detail

  It's all of these little details that will really bring our outdoor space to life. Show us you Garden Style by tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to check out our full range of contemporary garden furniture over at danetti.com.