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Bring nature into your home with wooden furniture

April 6, 2010 0
Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

As the weather warms up and we throw open our windows and back doors, it seems a shame to keep our living space and the outdoors totally spearate.

By introducing some natural wood furniture into your home, you’ll feel like you have a little piece of the outdoors around you at all times.

Here at Danetti we’re kind of obsessive about quality wood furniture, from huge solid wood dining tables to compact bar stools, we’ve got the very best for sale on our site. If you want items that are easy to maintain then we have wood veneer chairs which are laquered, while other pieces are solid wood and if they are treated with care can become the heirlooms of the future.

Other tips for bringing the outdoors in include floral and leaf prints, tones of green and lemon, and large plants. In combination with natural wood furniture, you will even feel like it’s summer all year round.

Compton Oak coffee table

Compton Oak coffee table, solid and sturdy

Clio wooden dining chair

Clio wooden dining chair

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