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Glass or Gloss: Which Dining Table Finish Is Right For Your Home?

May 27, 2016 2

Glass or gloss, the age old question… well, maybe it’s not that old, but it’s still a very valid point to consider when choosing your dining room table! Although both finishes share some of the same great qualities, having a glass dining table or a gloss dining table can dramatically change the look of your dining area. Always here to help at Danetti, we’ve put our knowledge to the test to give you an informative yet digestible guide, outlining the best features of both glass and gloss as a way to help you make an informed decision as to what dining table finish would look best in your dining room and home interior

Our Naro table, pictured below, is a great example of how much of a difference a glass or gloss table finish can create in a space. Each finish also gives ample opportunity for choosing stylish dining chairs to style alongside it. 



Having a high gloss finish in your space is an instant way to update your interior, even more so with a dining table as it is such a focal point of your space. It’s the hub of your dining room where family and friends gather to sit, eat and chat, so you’ll want a piece that looks its best. Gloss has such modern and contemporary connotations but don’t think you have to have a super modern interior to have a high gloss dining table in your space. Gloss is great for coordinating with existing modern finishes in your dining room but you can also place it alongside more traditional finishes for a really on trend mix and match look. There are more colour options with a gloss finish compared to clear tempered glass, so this is something to really consider when selecting a table for your space. The colour of gloss you choose can have a big style impact too; white gloss is ideal for a fresh, bright and crisp look whereas something like taupe grey will add a touch of warmth to the space.


Choose Gloss If…

You Instantly Want To Create a Modern Look.
Due the the highly reflective and smooth appearance of gloss, it’s such a wonderfully fresh and clean finish. This means no matter what the style of your interior or choice of dining chairs, you can instantly update the look.

You Want To Add Just A Hint of Colour To Your Space.
Colour gloss finishes like taupe grey are ideal for adding a hint of colour and touch of warmth to your dining area but in a sleek and subtle way.

You Want a Finish That Is Easy To Clean and Maintain.
We get asked all the time about the best ways to care for and clean a gloss table, and our answer every time is much simpler than you may think! To keep a gloss surface looking crisp and shiny, all you need to do is give it a regular wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth, using a dab of washing up liquid for those more stubborn or greasy marks. Put down the bleach and throw away the sponges (or just keep them away from your gloss table) as they will do nothing but harm the table’s wonderfully smooth surface.



One of the main things that springs to mind when people consider a glass dining table is that it will be “far too fragile”, which is such a shame as this couldn’t be further from the truth. Tempered safety glass, the glass we use for all of our glass furniture products, is in fact incredibly strong and very durable. This means it has been engineered to make it safe for use in your home. So now we’ve blown that myth out of the water, you really needn’t worry about a glass dining table being fragile. Another great feature of a clear glass dining table is just that- it’s clear. This means it can add a modern edge to your dining room interior, helping to really showcase your stylish dining chairs without the table itself looking too overpowering in the space.

Choose Glass If…

You Want To Create The Illusion of More Space.
The transparency of a glass dining table creates a fresh and clean look while being less impactful than a solid finish. This means it creates less of a visual stance in your space, giving the illusion of more room. Team a glass table top with a reflective finish like chrome to accentuate this open and spacious look even further.

Your Dining Chairs Are The Star of The Show!
The transparency of a glass dining table means your chairs and the area under and around your table is much more visible from all angles than they would be alongside a solid table surface. This is a great styling opportunity as you can really make the most of the space around your table, whether this is having a stylish under rug or going for a slightly more statement look or colour of dining chair. Glass is also a smart option if you’ve got a lot going on in your interior as it keeps the look clean and simple, without clashing with any of your existing schemes or finishes.

If You Want To Make The Most Of A Reflective Surface.
Having a glass dining table surface is an ideal opportunity to really use its reflective powers to your advantage. A glass table top will help to create a brighter, lighter look in your space while also effortlessly reflecting any beautiful patterned walls and vibrant coloured chairs that you may already have in your interior.

Frosted Glass.

If you like the idea of having a glass dining table but aren’t keen on having to keep an eye out for fingerprints on the surface, a frosted glass dining table might just be the answer. A frosted or etched glass table has a more matt texture than tempered glass meaning it’s much less susceptible to showing surface marks. You can also add a hint of colour to your dining area as the frosting makes the glass opaque with colour rather than transparent.

Choose Frosted Glass If…

You Want a Clean and Crisp Finish.
You may have noticed that when you look at regular glass from a side angle, it has a slight green tinge. This is because of its iron content. That’s why for our range of white Eve tables, we’ve used a super white glass with reduced iron to minimise this green tinge. This results in a really clean and crisp white finish, without a cold green colouring disrupting the soft and hazy focus of the frosted glass. Make sure you look out for glass with reduced iron content if you are after a super clean and crisp frosted glass finish.

You Want A Strong And Durable Table Surface.
An etched glass table top, the method we use for our range of Eve tables, isn’t an applied finish that can chip or peel off meaning it really becomes an integral feature of the glass. Etching glass works almost like the opposite of buffing a surface to a shine, as it gives the glass a wonderful semi opaque appearance. This process makes a frosted glass table incredibly soft and a dream to run your hands across, while remaining very strong and durable. It’s the most durable possible version of a matt finish… what could be more durable than tempered safety glass!


So, there you have it. Whether you like glass or gloss, frosted or clear, white or grey, the choice really is up to you and what you think will look best in your interior. We just hope these tips help making a decision that little bit easier!

Are you team glass or team gloss? Let us know in the comments! 🙂 and be sure to check out our ranges of glass, gloss, and frosted glass dining tables if you are after a wonderfully stylish and contemporary dining table for your home!

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  • Aitch says:

    Can’t decide which will stand up to young grandchildren better! Glass, I imagine, but the only table here that will comfortably seat more than 8 is Ellie in a gloss white finish. Decisions…

    • Kirsty Forder says:

      Hi Aitch! A glass table would be great around grandchild as it’s very durable- we do have the Tiva glass table which can seat up to 8 people depending on what chairs you choose. The Ellie is actually a high pressure laminate finish rather than gloss, so it’s a lot more matt in appearance. We’ll be sharing a post on the benefits of HPL soon, so watch this space! 🙂

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