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How to Use Colour in your Home: Mulberry Purple

October 27, 2017 0

Previously we have explored the colour trend of using Oak & Blue together in our Dining Room (If you missed it, you can read all about it right here). This week we are going to mix things up a bit and look at a braver colour combination: Aqua and Mulberry Purple! 


Mulberry Purple and Aqua Moodboard


Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of dark colours in our homes, and this is one interior design trend that does not look like it’s slowing anytime soon! Now is the time to update your look with rich, autumnal tones. We’re talking deep mulberry purples and asphalt greys teamed with a refreshing aqua. Well, you don’t want your home feeling too dark now the nights are drawing in! 

Colour Trend 1: Deep Purple

Let’s start off with the ever popular Jewel Colours. Dominating the pages of your favourite Interior Magazine this is actually a really easy trend to pull off.  You just need the confidence to do so! Coloured Dining Chairs are a great way to bring this trend to life as they add a punch of colour and attitude to any space, without creating huge house renovations.


Fern & Stylo Dining Set

Fern Grey Gloss and Stylo Extending Dining Set, £595

This room is subtle, white and very airy, but by dropping in a hint of Mulberry Purple we bring depth and mood to the space. Our Fern Dining Table in Grey Gloss balances out the deep Purple tones, but also reflects the colour around the room. Instant colour coordination and a bang on trend dining area! Introduce Jewel tones like Sapphire and Emerald into your accessories to create a harmonious, colourful look. 


Danni white Leather Dining Chair

Danni Dining Chair, £169


However, if you want a more dramatic dining room decorating trend, choose a Mulberry Colour Paint for your walls such as Abigail Ahern’s “Bleecker”. This is a very deep shade of purple which reflects light beautifully. Whether you paint just a feature wall or go all out and paint the walls, ceiling, skirting and door frames too, you will not be disappointed!

Get the Look:

Fern Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table, £399

Stylo Dining Chair in Mulberry Purple, £49

Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, £49

Abigail Ahern Paint in Bleecker

Anzio Bar Stool in Mulberry Purple, £95

Colour Trend 2 : Colourful Scandi Style

Potentially the biggest Interior Design trend around is the light, airy and minimalist Scandi style. Typically this colour trend is a subtle palette of whites, neutrals and warm textures like chunky knits and naked woods. That’s not to say it can’t be colourful though! So, by reversing the volume of colour in this pallet and using just a hint of Mulberry Purple, we’ve create a very different look. 

Metro White Gloss & Finn Dining Set, £595

The wooden base of the Finn Dining Chair complements the Scandi look perfectly, while the Metro White Gloss Dining Table adds contrast and interest. By styling with coloured glass and sheepskin rugs, we were able to create a warm, inviting, coloured Scandi destination which is achievable in all existing Kitchens or Dining Rooms. Share the colour across your Dining Chairs and Bar Stools for a perfectly coordinated style.

Get the Look:

Metro Extending Dining Table in white Gloss

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table, £399

Mulberry Purple Finn Dining ArmchairFinn Dining Armchair in Mulberry Purple, £59


Finn Barstool

Finn Barstool in Aqua, £89

Eve Compact Frosted Glass Sideboard in Grey

Eve Compact Grey Gloss Sideboard, £369

Colour Trend 3: Modern Metallic

Take a look at this: by integrating the Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, we were able to really lift the room and create a lighter and more refreshing colour scheme for a kitchen that’s still in keeping with our Jewel Tone trend. The reason this colour combination works so well is that Aqua and Purple are opposite each other on the colour wheel. This makes them complementary colours. By deepening the Purple and lightening the Aqua this typically vivid colour combination becomes subtle, stylish, and oh so easy on the eye!


Tiva & Stylo 6 to 8 Seater Dining Set, £539


The Chrome Leg of our Stylo Dining Chair helps to keep the room modern, while the combination of Aqua, Purple and White keep it playful. Keep accessories metallic and sleek for a modern contemporary dining room. For a Traditional Family Kitchen, try bright and bold accessories. However, if you’re feeling adventurous why not add in a colourful print or even a printed wallpaper? We can’t get enough of the Prism wallpaper by Cole & Sons.

Get the Look:


Tiva 6 Seater Dining Table, £299

Aqua Stylo Dining Armchair, £55 

Mulberry Purple Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

White Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

Prism Wall Paper, Cole & Sons

So to conclude…

Hopefully, you now know what to do to embrace this colour combination and will show us your lovely pictures! If this colour combo isn’t quite your cup of tea, luckily with our dining sets you can choose whatever colour combination you like. Go all one colour or mix and match your dining chairs, it’s up to you. Just remember these tips:


  • When picking colour combinations, try using a colour wheel. Aqua and Mulberry Purple are opposites on the colour wheel, making them complementary colours and a very visually stimulating combination. Want a more subtle colour combination? Choose colours which are neighbouring. These could be Aquas, Blues and Greens to create a very relaxing and tranquil setting.


  • Play around with the volume of colour you use. Maybe stick to a darker colour on your walls and keep furniture and accessories light. Or opt for neutral walls and floors and keep your chairs and styling bold!


  • For a Modern look, use metallics, chrome and gloss finishes. For a scandi look, work with textures, neutrals and mix and match!


  • Adding a printed wall paper or dramatic colours to your walls will instantly change the look of a room. Rich, inky tones are very ‘in’ at the moment, so experiment with colours. Just remember to use tester pots on more than 1 wall. That way you can get a feel for the colour in different light and shade. What works opposite a window may look much different around the window itself!


Stay tuned for the next ‘How to use Colour in your Home”. In the meantime, share with us the colours you have chosen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #mydanetti!!

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