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How to Mix and Match Your Dining Room Furniture: The Mismatched Look.

April 21, 2016 0

Mix and match dining setting

At a first glance mix and match furniture may look like a total random selection, but it’s actually a much more considered design set up than just throwing any old pieces together. After all, you don’t want your dining space looking like your old student digs or your first flat, where non matching furniture was more of a necessity than a lifestyle choice!

When done correctly, mixing your dining chairs is a great way to create a unique and very trendy look in your dining area. We’ve put together our own definitive guide to offer you style tips for pulling off a mix and match dining set alongside tons of dining room decorating ideas, so you can easily create the very on-trend mix and match look in your dining room.


Same Colour Dining Chair, Different Design:
By keeping the colour of your dining chairs the same, you are able to keep the coordination but really have some fun with the shape, style and size of the chairs you choose.

Eames Dining Chair Danetti Senn Colourful Dining Chair Yellow DanettiFern Yellow Dining Chair DanettiEames Moulded Wire Frame Dining Chair Mustard Yellow Danetti


Eames Style Dining Chair £49
Fern Dining Chair £38
Eames Moulded Wire Frame Dining Armchair £55
Senn Colourful Dining Chair £32


Same Design Dining Chair, Different Colour:
One of the easiest mixed dining chairs design ideas is having the same shape and style of dining chair, but in a variety of complementary colours. This is because there is still consistency from the design of the chairs, but you can really get creative with which colour combinations you choose. Opt for two tones or a neutral palette for a more subtle take on this look.

Mix and match dining set: Arc Oak and White Gloss and Senn Colourful Dining Set Danetti

Mixing bold chair colours against tactile wooden and gloss surfaces is a fun take on the mix and match look. Not to mention the gorgeous look of the close up and detailing.

Same Material Dining Chair, Different Design:
This look is ideal if you have a particular material choice in mind but still want mix things up a bit. The key to pulling of this mismatched dining setting is to stick with just one material finish but in different chair styles; we’ve opted for real leather but you can choose any material that best suits your space. It’s a good idea to stick to one colour when opting for this mismatched look so that there’s not too many points of difference. All of our leather chairs come in the same palette, so there is plenty of potential to mix and coordinate the different designs of chair.

 Danni Real Leather Grey Dining ChairMonti Real Leather Grey Dining Chair

Danni Real Leather Dining Chair £149
Monti Real Leather Dining Chair £149


Play With The Height Of Chairs and Bar Stools:
Okay, so a bar stool isn’t technically a dining chair but we couldn’t not include this mix and match dining setting. Having different heights in your dining space, such as bar stools at a breakfast bar and dining chairs around your dining table, helps to create a nice visual balance in the space. We’ve kept elements the same such as the wire leg frame of both the Eames chairs and of the Anzio bar stools, as it is a contemporary coordinating feature that helps to tie the whole look together. If you want to have an even more coordinated look throughout your space, you might want to consider something like an Eames Style Bar Stool, as they have similar styling on the base and the seat mirrors the continuous curve of the Eames chair.

Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stool Danetti

You can also mix the colours of the bar stool seats, like we’ve styled here with the Anzio Modern Gas Lift Bar Stools in mulberry purple, white and black £132

Mixing The Traditional With Modern:
When mixing traditional with modern pieces, less really is more. Try not to have too many different styles of chair as this can make the space look jumbled rather than styled, as you are mixing designs from different eras. We’ve selected an Eames Dining Armchair as its iconic design means it will always look on trend and up to date. To add a traditional spin, we’ve chosen the tactile oak frame finish of the Scandi style Senn Oak and White Dining Chair, which also helps to add a touch a warmth. The white finish of both of the seats helps to tie the whole look together. When selecting a table for this look, we’d suggest something with glass and chrome accents, like the Tiva Small Glass Dining Table or Naro Round Glass 4 Seater Table. The transparency of the glass would let the chairs be the ‘star of the show’ while the chrome accents would give the set a truly modern edge.

 White Eames Dining Armchair Danetti        Senn Oak and White Dining Chair Danetti

Eames Style Dining Armchair £55
Senn Oak and White Dining Chair £43

If you’re really inspired by this timeless look, we definitely recommend taking a look at our “How to Add a Modern Edge to a Traditional Home” blog post (after you’ve finished reading this one of course), which offers an array of style inspo for creating this look throughout your home.  


Different Details:
Mix and match furniture can create a very impactful setting, but there are ways around this if you’d like to have a more subtle take on this statement look but still with some level of variation. Changing just one element or detail of your chair selection keeps the coordination but breaks up the palette for a mini mixed look.

Tactile Textures:
When mixing textures, we suggest keeping the shape and style of your dining chairs as similar as you can, so all the style impact from this look comes from your choice of mixed of materials. Whether it’s wood with chrome or fabric and faux leather, like we’ve opted for with our Riva and Tori chairs, having a mix of textures in your dining area will create a tactile and very contemporary vibe, with the added benefit of getting to have such a range of gorgeous material finishes in your home! Both of our Tori and Riva chairs are stackable seats, so they are great space savers. This makes the chairs ideal for storing away and then getting out again when you have a few more guests round for dinner.

Tori Modern White Leather Dining Chair Danetti   Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair in Teal Danetti Tori Modern Cool Grey Leather Dining Chair Danetti   Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair in Ink Blue Danetti

Tori Modern Dining Chair in white or cool grey, £59
Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair in teal or ink blue, £64


Same Style Dining Chair Different Design:
This dining room design is another subtle take on the mix and match look. By keeping the style the same but having a slightly different design of chair, you are able to mix things up just enough so there is a stylish visual impact, without the look becoming too overpowering in your dining space. A great way to do this is to place dining chairs around your table, then place a dining armchair at each end of the table. This not only mixes things up a bit, but it also creates a really neat and uniform modern dining room, with two extra comfy seats at the end of the table for your favourite people. Comfort is one of the main features of carver chairs and dining armchairs, so this style of chair is definitely something to consider if you want to comfortably sit around your table chatting, long after the dinner plates have been cleared away!

Have we inspired you to give the mix and match look a try in your dining area? Let us know your favourite style in the comments, alongside any stylish set ups you already have in your home! 🙂

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