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Interior Design Inspiration: How to dress up a coffee table

May 6, 2016 2

Aria White Coffee Table Portrait

Have you ever wondered how to achieve an effortless ‘designer look’ in your home? What is the trick to giving your living room coffee table the kind of makeover you see in your favourite interiors magazines and what about finding out what sort of things to put on your coffee table. Well, believe it or not, there is actually a styling science to creating the effect and as usual we are going to share our decorating tips with you, so that you can recreate the look at home. The trick of creating a naturally styled look is all about how you put your accessories together and what you combination of objects you choose.

Coffee tables are a great surface to style and decorate, but all too often can end up looking like a dumping ground for mugs, remote controls and paperwork. Like an unmade bed a messy coffee table top instantly makes a room look cluttered, unloved and certainly won’t be winning any style awards. Give your room a quick spring clean by clearing the clutter, plumping up your sofa cushions and getting rid of the opened, discarded letters, old magazines, coasters you never use, Lego figures etc currently littered all over the coffee table top. With a clean slate you are now ready to begin your masterclass in coffee table styling, following these coffee table decorating tips you’ll soon see how you are using the surface to enhance the style of your home for a new stylish look.

 Coffee table display ideas!

So, if you feel that you have got the coffee table styling bug – perhaps its time to take it to the next level….coffee table arrangements within your coffee table styling! ‘These hints and tips can be adapted to all tabletops so are not just coffee table decore ideasDecorating the top of a coffee table is easy – it is essentially a square, rectangle or a circle and depending on its size there are a few options for the placement of your accessories! I’ve divided them up into style types – have a look and see which one suits your table and give it a go!

 Styled corners:

This is quite an art and involves styling all corners of your table with different objects, art, books etc but keeping them visually equally weighted – a centrepiece can also help pull this look together so go and have a play with your design ideas!


Contain your groupings:

Sometimes if you have some small things that you want to display it might be worth grouping them on a tray so that they have more impact as a group. This idea would also work by using a shallow large bowl (especially on a round coffee table ). This is also an ideal solution if your coffee table has an uneven surface – it gives the objects more substance and helps them show up properly by ‘framing’ them.

 Less can be more:

As with all styling whether in fashion or interiors – this rule always applies somewhere and it could be that your coffee table just needs a small simple boost, perhaps just a lovely stack of books with a decorative topper – or maybe just a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a simple vase.

 The Line Up: 

For longer, larger coffee tables try lining up piles of similar accessories – it could be low stacks of books, small bowls with a few stand alone objects like pebbles or shells to combine the look. Try to create groupings that are either the same colours and tones or have the same theme.


Follow this simple guide to create a beautiful coffee table arrangement:

Coffee Table Styling Blog Post Final

P.S. If you love these ideas but don’t have a coffee table to style…why not improvise? Have a look around your home for tables/storage trunks or stools and group them together – release your inner stylist and start dressing your tablescape!


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  • Carolyn says:

    Love the rustic touches of your coffee table! Love the color and I will always love white, fresh and bright.I am a great fan of craft works and we have the same table in my house. I saw a rug under the table, what is the term for that piece and where I can get that? Thank you so much.

  • Kirsty Forder says:

    Hi Carolyn, so glad you like the looks. We’re big fans of white furniture too! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but the rug is from Urban Outfitters 🙂

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