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Interior design inspiration: How to style one glass console table two ways!

July 13, 2016 0


Once you invest in a console table you’ll find it a really helfpul addition to your home. Its that great ledge where you can either enhance and decorate your room by creating a focal point or it can often provide much needed space for essentials like keys, clocks, and phones etc, or, used in a dining room it can give you extra serving storage offering a place for plates, glasses or bottles. Modern console tables are practical and useful and can be beautiful too! When choosing what sort of console table you want, have a think about the room you it’s going in and how you’ll use it.

Modern contemporary console tables can work well in classical settings too as long as you get the styling balance right, you can create a sort of eclectic look. If you have enough space in your home it might be worth considering console tables with storage for an added space saving bonus. We have just brought out a stunning modern glass console table with chrome legs called the Tiva glass and chrome console table. What is so great about this slim glass console table is that it has such a simple design and being glass it is really perfect for almost any room in your home as it can easily blend with your existing schemes. The glass top console table is  wide enough to provide a good surface whilst not taking up too much space. We were amazed at how versatile the console table was and so we decided to style it two ways to give you ideas and inspiration for how you could use a small glass console table in your home. Whether you are looking for something decorative and feminine or perhaps a more dramatic masculine look, either way we hope this inspires you to see where in your home the Tiva could work for you!

Perfect Pastels

A glass hallway table creates a perfect ‘stage’ for creating a dramatic entrance to your home and our lovely Tiva console provides a great surface for decorative objects. So with a plain white wall, we decided to use some colour and developed a strong pastel scheme around an abstract painting that we used as our starting point, which we thought was punchy without being too overpowering. We created the look by using coloured glass on the transparent table, and we gently built up the colour till it reached striking abstract print.  We choose to use a fairly elaborate twig to balance the harder edges of the chrome with the softer colours which creates a really harmonious balance. We then finished off the look by adding a strong patterned rug in similar colours which will really helps the table stand out and the accessories above.

A Monochrome Moment:

A console table doesn’t have to just be used in a hallway, it can also provide an ideal place to either store useful things in any room, create a display or create an extra surface for whatever you like. We thought it would be great to use the chrome and glass combination in a more masculine setting to show how versatile the Tiva console table can be in two very different settings. Using a stylish monochome black and white palette punctuated with hints of inky blue this look is graphic with an urban style about it. Black and white framed prints add height to the console table area creating more impact and the boldly patterned vase creates a strong focus and combines well with the rug. We always use some sort of foliage when styling tables as it adds life to the other more static accessories.


So, when you decide that you need one of these little gems in your life, here are a few tips to consider when it comes to styling your Tiva console table (oh, and by the way, if you are thinking of one of these for your dining room – don’t forget to check out our stunning Tiva dining table incase you want a matching set!).

Seven Styling tips for your Tiva Console:

  1. Look at your room and maybe change the paint colour of the wall behind the console table to create a more dramatic stylish look.
  2. Does your flooring look plain? Have a look and see if you need to enhance the setting with a new rug to create more impact
  3. Think about your colour scheme…if you want to blend and combine patterns, as long as the colours are the same tones and hues they will mix perfectly without clashing.
  4. Create height by either using something tall on the surface or use the wall behind to hang artwork or prints so that you can frame the area and turn it into a focal point in your room. 
  5. Try to use some sort of foliage as it will breathe life into your arrangement
  6. If you have the space, think about expanding your console display area. We did this by using a floor standing lamp, but a tall plant would work equally well. By extending the arrangement, you’ll give it more substance in the room whilst freeing up the useful surface area for other things.
  7. If you want to stack books on the console but still want to create an attractive selection, our top stylist tip is to either remove the dust jackets to see if the colours work nicely or simply turn the books around so that the white pages are on display rather than the spines – and choose an attractive simple book to sit on the top.
  8. Dont forget our stylists rule – group things in three’s – it really IS the magic number and if you want to know more, read a previous post here for more information
  9. Remember that you can also use the space under the console table and always style it neatly. Boxes and baskets can give you more storage and add to your setting if you choose the colours to blend with your chosen look.

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