The Contemporary Art of Styling – Julia Kendell & Katy Jade Dobson
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The Contemporary Art of Styling – Julia Kendell & Katy Jade Dobson

October 28, 2015 0

We were planning the photoshoot for our Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell range and we really wanted to select some inspiring props to style alongside the furniture that we were photographing. Our location had a clean and modern feel but with a real homely look as well. When your interior is quite neutral you need a few strong elements to balance the look. While browsing galleries and stores for that perfect authentic piece, we came across this painting called ‘Lepus’ by Yorkshire based artist Katy Jade Dobson:

Lepus by Katy Jade Dobson

Lepus- We found this image in the Reem Gallery and were instantly drawn towards it!

Title: Lepus

Price: £395.00

Edition size: 75 signed limited editions

Medium: Giclée on Hahnemühle paper

Total dimensions: 38″ x 43″ inches framed in black to artist’s specifications


We’d struck gold! We absolutely loved this piece the minute we saw it in the Reem Fine Art Gallery due to its vivacity and seemingly effortless blend of colouring. We instantly saw the potential it had to liven up a contemporary living setting, by adding a splash of colour that would compliment the colours and textures in the furniture. As a top tip it’s great to take one piece, or even an object that you love and build the room around that item. One great item can be the cue for a whole scheme. For the photoshoot, we had a selection of our Form Barstools in a selection of rich teal and steely greys. We were also styling the Glide Sideboard which has a teal gloss accent, so we wanted something that would on the one hand compliment and balance the colours, while also strengthening the wonderful different shades. From a styling point of view, we decided to focus on two strong elements; one being the beautiful colours of the bar stools and the other being the simple textures. Bright artwork is a great way to bring focus to a space; a room can take a surprising amount of colour if it’s balanced with other elements.

I caught up with our interior stylist Jess to ask her what she liked best about this piece – she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to styling a stunning home interior!


Our Interior Stylist Jess

“This beautiful print appealed to us for our latest shoot because of it’s subject matter and the striking way it’s been executed. There was something really breathtaking and magical about the colours. The perfect combination – a contemporary technique with an ‘Old Masters’ subject matter – is absolutely gorgeous and the colours give it a sort of kaleidoscope feel which is easy to use in almost any setting” 

So, who is the artist behind such a magical piece? Her name is Katy Jade Dobson, and her work is nothing short of beautiful. Describing her own work as “opulent, and colourful, traditional, a little bit weird sometimes” it’s clear to see creativity really is at the heart of Dobson’s work.  

Katy Jade Dobson Peacock Painting

Katy working on another piece from her collection

vouge feature

Katy’s Feature In Vogue Magazine

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Katy is a self taught painter who began using a range of mixed media when creating her artwork. Since discovering her love of oil paints, she’s never looked back and began using oil as her medium of choice for the majority of her work. Katy has combined her talent of painting with her love of animals and nature, which have become a main subject matter in a range of her pieces. Her work has been officially endorsed by the Born Free Foundation as featured in Vogue publications- a very impressive achievement! 

TOP TIP: From a styling point of view, paintings of animals, nature and beautiful land and seascapes are a great way to add a breath of fresh air and a hint of the outdoors into your home. Think about the theme and colour scheme of your room and consider whether a forest landscape, cuddly animal or a sea life setting is the right choice for your decor.

Chrome Barstools

Lepus, like all of the work in Katy’s “Spectrum Collection” really optimises the qualities oil paints have to offer. Oil paints, unlike other mediums such as acrylic, are much thicker and can be layered on top of one another. It dries much slower making it easier to blend colours so seamlessly with one another- a technique Katy has used brilliantly to encapsulate the vibrancy of the wide choice of colours on her palette. This also results in the textured look that really helps to define her delicate yet obvious brush strokes. As Katy puts it, she wants to create artwork that gets more interesting the closer you get to it”. 

Painting 2

Looking closely at the artwork, you are really able to see the layers of colour and the detail from each delicate brush stoke


TOP TIP: It may seem a little overwhelming to place such a vibrant piece in your home interior. However, not every colour in the painting needs to be reflected throughout the room. Colourful imagery is great for tying together different coloured elements of your existing interior, while adding hints of other colours that you may not have considered using.


The next few photos were taken on our location shoot:

Dining Set Image

Our range of Form Cantilever Dining Armchairs in Black.

Julia Chrome Barstools

Julia taking a break on our recent photoshoot


The contrasting hand stitching is another designer feature of the Form Barstools

We found that the delicate hand stitching on our exclusive range of barstools was a subtle nod to the delicacy of the painting we’d selected. These gorgeous stools are available in Teal, White, Cool Grey, Graphite Grey and Black soft faux leather. They’re available to view on our website

If you like Katy’s work as much as we do, there is so so much more to see! Take a look at Katy’s various social media platforms. Her work is available to both view and buy. The links are listed below.

Feel inspired? We’d love to hear what you think of Lepus and how we’ve styled the painting with our range of Form Barstools- has it inspired you to be more bold with your interior decoration? make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Katy Jade Dobson:

Blog: https://katyjadedobson.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @KatyJadeDobson

Interview: https://youtu.be/S130VzABWVw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katyjadedobsonart

Instagram: https://instagram.com/katyjadedobson/



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